This Is Why You Should Stop Chasing Love


It has been too long you have waited for love to come around and now even though it hasn’t you are still wasting your time waiting for it. Waiting for love is not wrong but waiting, but not living is.

In order to see yourself happy you need to let go of the idea that only love can make you happy, a man is a key to your happiness. If even it was true there would have been more happy couples in the world.

I know it gets lonely at times, but there is strength in finding solitude. Feeling lonely is a sign that you still feel things. Even though you think you are dying inside, it is not true.

Stop chasing love. Love shouldn’t be chased it should come to you. It’s better to wait then to go after things that don’t mean anything, which makes you nothing but desperate. Stop telling yourself that you are not lovable. Don’t get into an unnamed relationship thinking they can complete you. Don’t do that to yourself. All that sex you have to feel something is not going to bring love to you, it is going to shatter you in ways you never imagined.

Stop putting so much faith in that person that knows what you want but can’t give you that. Stop chasing him for the love he can never offer you. Stop giving him parts of you that he doesn’t care to acknowledge. I know it’s hard not to be cared about; I know you want to be loved back. Each time you offer yourself to him he is not capable of offering the same to you. So stop offering yourself.

Let me tell you what you actually deserve. Everything! You deserve everything you ever wanted. You are lovable and you are capable of loving back. Think about the lonely nights you spent wallowing for love and crying over thinking you are going to end up alone.

It is time now that you stop chasing love, it is the time that you make yourself great first, do justice to yourself and love yourself first. You will move on from the old wounds and you will find happiness. Be patient and explore yourself and the world.

Stop chasing love and start living your life. Go travel, go learn something. Stare at the moon for long hours and do nothing. Find a passion, write, Cook good food, eat good food, do what makes you happy. Build something today so that tomorrow you can cherish it. Let it be the symbol of your strength.

Stop cashing love and start living life because when you stop the chase love will stop running.