This Is Why You Should Date Your Best Friend


I have learned that real love is something beyond the sparks and the pretty things. True love is admiring every single trait of the other, accepting their flaws and loving their virtues, true love is about knowing that no matter what happens, you want that person in your life, above any other.

True love is loving the other for the person that he or she had become, loving them for their humanity and being thankful for their existence. True love is finding a person that you know is going to be there unconditionally, someone who will always give their best to you without expecting nothing in change, true love is in every act of unselfishness, in wanting the other to do with their life the best of it.

The real true love is the one with whom you can talk about anything, at any hour, also the one you can do nothing and still have a good time. The real true love is the one that is reciprocate.

So, go on and embrace the love you have for him, for her, your best friend, because your best friend is the one that no matter what, you will always love, and the one that will always love you. Go on, and spend the rest of your days with him or her, because believe me, you two are destined to be together for life.

Your true best friend is gonna be your best complement, your best teammate, your best advisor, the best hugger, you will never find anyone alike.

And really, there’s nothing more beautiful than solving any problem you can have with your partner by talking directly to him or her.

There’s nothing more real than the love that you and your best friend are sharing. Don’t be afraid, there’s nothing to lose, because if it’s your real best friend, your real life partner, nothing will ever split you both apart.