This Is Why You Need To Spend Time Alone


Like smoke in an empty room, your thoughts occupy all empty space. They take over.

They can be incredibly difficult to avoid. But what I am telling you is that your thoughts won’t hurt you. They are part of you, and together you make up a team. Something that runs so deep within, and was not placed there by nature to harm you. Your thoughts are an additional part of you that serves to guide you. Allow them to lead you to beautiful places, rather than fence you in.

They are not meant to be debilitating if you simply do not allow them to be. Be alone with them. Take them in: swirl them around, and allow the emotions to sink into you. Resist the temptation to reach out for external distractions when it’s just you two, side by side, together again.

The idea of being stripped and disarmed from all distractions, while standing there, completely bare, face to face with your thoughts may scare you.

The truth is, you are afraid of yourself.

Your thoughts are tailor-made for you, and unlike those around you, your own thoughts trigger you in a way that no other person probably could. These thoughts hit your core. But the issue isn’t the existence of these vicious thoughts, but rather the fact that we choose distractions as our primary coping method. Instead of this, allow for your eyes and your mind to reconnect with their natural counterparts.

Your thoughts, both good and bad, are not only necessary but are also incredibly useful.

They are nature’s way of telling you information that you need, it is the light guiding you home. They provide you with emotions. They tell you how to feel. They remind you that you are alive, and that you are a human being with likes and dislikes. They are not only capable of making your heart dance, reminding you of your wants and desires, but they are also able to nudge you into straying away from what pains you.

Your thoughts just wish to be heard, they want to be accepted. They are ultimately life’s direction for you. They are the answers you seem to so desperately seek, and the signs you constantly request.