This Is Why You Need To Let Go Of The Things That Aren’t Meant For You


We often hold on so tightly to things we think are meant for us that we look past the amount of damage they can cause. We try to gloss it with a glaze of ”they will changeit will get better or I deserve this” and start to believe these things and ignore the warning signs.

We believe that these things, these toxic things, define us and are the things we can never let go of because we’re scared that we won’t find something better.

Relationships that take more than they give, situations that cause more harm than good, and thoughts that do not reflect our best selves are all examples of these toxic things. Some people go their entire lives living with them and even accepting them into their lives, but you can decide to not let these things define who you are.

In the same way, you can decide to let go of the things that do not serve you or contribute to your growth. It’s never easy deciding when to let go or even realizing when a situation has not been holding your highest intentions at its core. But if you learn to take a step back and actually reflect on a situation or a relationship and truthfully ask the question, “Is this contributing to my best self?” you’re able to identify the truth.

Let intuition and honesty guide you through this reflection, and remember that you can be brave enough to acknowledge and follow your intuition when it is guiding you. You have the power manifested within you to let go of these things.

We tend to forget the natural power we have within us and the potential we have to be the very best versions of ourselves. The versions that are authentic and happy; the versions that do not hold on to things that do not serve us. The versions that let go, because these things have no purpose in our lives. They don’t contribute to our best selves, and they hold us back from being happy.