This Is Why You Deserve To Let Go


You should let go because it hurts. It hurts so much to see him happy, seeing his hand that long ago belongs to you and now it belongs to someone else. Seeing him happy doing all the crazy stuffs you wished you two did but didn’t. Seeing him introduce her to his family while there you are in a three-year relationship with him not even knowing what his parents name. Let go because it hurts so much you feel your heart being ripped off to pieces. Pieces that he would not fix.

You should let go because you’re dying. Not being able to sleep and eat and function in anything, killing your social life, wearing his shirts -just to be able to feel his presence- you are dying to be with him and would do everything just to make it happen. You are dying to like his picture but you’re scared he would think that you are stalking him BUT I AM STALKING HIM. Wanting to message him ‘I love you, I miss you, come back’ but you can’t because you’ve done this before and he just shoved your feelings off. You are dying to go to his place or where he usually hangs out just to see he’s face, partly wanting to see him miserable without you and the other part of you wants to see him happy because you love him, you love him so much not having him feels like dying.

You should let go, no ifs’ no buts’, as much as you want to save what you two had, he already let you go. Maybe you would argue that you are a better person than her and maybe that’s right but that does not necessarily mean that she is not good enough for him. Maybe what you are not the perfect fit for them.  As cheesy and as old this saying gets there is really someone out there for you. Timing would be your best friend soon so wait for it, it would come falling in love is not a race, nor it is a competition, it could be hell at times but falling, staying and dying in love is the greatest gift you can do for yourself.

You should let go because you deserve it. You have loved, you have been hurt, but now, it’s time. It’s time to not blame yourself that it did not work, it’s time to start seeing the world in your own eyes and not his, it’s time realizing that you can live life by yourself and it’s time to move on.

You should let go because it is over. Yes, it is over. Let. Him. Go.

So for you dear one, I am finally letting you go.