This Is Why You Deserve To Finally Move On


Unrequited love isn’t real. It’s simply an excuse that we use to drink heavily or eat whole box of kinder buenos in an attempt at forgetting someone. The person you thought was your person completely failed you and you start to think that your story with them is your own personal version of Romeo and Juliet. You convince yourself that this combination of romance and tragedy makes your story with that person the most heart-wrenching love story of all time, but really it’s much simpler than that. You see, love isn’t a feeling…it’s an action.
I’ll let you take a moment to digest that.

If someone “felt” like not loving you anymore, it’s really because they’ve chosen to stop loving you. There’s no falling out of love, it’s more like a deliberate walking out of it. It’s never accidental and more often than not it has nothing to do with you although the other person may think so.

Think about love being a choice for a second. And now quietly ponder on this: Why should anyone ever be hung up over someone who deliberately decided not to love them?

It’s all logical, isn’t it? Why would anyone waste any brainpower on someone who decided to unlove them? It would make no sense for anyone to do that ever.

Now think about this for this for a second…why do you still think about that person? Why is it that the moment you saw the title of this article that person popped into your head and you desperately clicked to see if you could finally convince yourself that you need to get over them?

Your memory is long, that’s why.

You can still smell her perfume on your sheets, even though you’ve washed them a hundred times since she’s been gone. You can still taste the minty-tobacco-y flavor in your mouth from when he used to kiss you. You still remember how pretty her brown hair looked in the sun. You still remember how strong his arms were around you when you played the little spoon. You still cry when you hear that song, pizza hasn’t tasted the same since then and Friday nights are completely pointless.

You’ll probably never allow yourself to love like that ever again, but you do deserve to move on.

You deserve to move on because he’ll never leave the west coast for you.

You deserve to move on because she’s now with your best friend, and she’s happy.

You deserve to move on because he ghosted and a just a few months after now he’s engaged.

You deserve to move on because she kept you on the back burner, but then tried to come back.

You deserve to move on because he only ever asked you for nudes and he never had any intentions of taking you out on a real date.

You deserve to move on because when one of your closest friends died and you reached out to her for some comfort, she left your message on seen.

You deserve to move on because he purposefully didn’t wish you a happy birthday.

You deserve to move on because you deserve to be happy.

You deserve to move on because you deserve to find love.

You deserve to move on because you deserve a chance at a happily ever after.

You deserve to move on because you deserve to move on.