This Is Why You Absolutely Must Be Emotionally Naked In Your Relationships


Every couple of weeks various energies impact our psyche. The current energy wave asks us to get emotionally naked in our relationships. If this is something that you struggle to do, then you may experience problems with your loved ones.

The old way of functioning of relationships ceases to work for the majority. This is especially true for us, millennials who want to live their heart’s calling and create fulfilling bonds with their significant others.

Although this is our heartfelt desire, it may be challenging to create intimate bonds as our minds try to cover up our true self with false images of who we should be. If we don’t stand powerfully and peacefully in our worth, then we may pretend that we’re different or better than we think we are. At the heart of pretending is a lack of self-acceptance.

The current energy comes to our aid to help us express our fears, desires, and unleash the unspoken words in our relationships. Nothing false can stand this test as the truth is coming right to the surface.

A couple of questions to ponder about are:

Where do you invest your emotions?

Do you feel loved and nourished by our partner or friends?

Are you on the same vibe with your loved one?

Do you hold onto any illusions toward other people because deep down you fear that you might have to let them go?

Is giving and receiving balanced in your relationships? If not, why do you keep investing in them?

What kinds of masks do you put on out of the fear to be truly seen?

This energy invites you to create true intimacy with others. When you get emotionally naked, your relationships and happiness improve simultaneously. If you’re single, then it’s time to be vulnerable with yourself.

If you’re in a relationship and your partner can’t handle the true you then perhaps it’s not the best person to spend your valuable energy and time on.

What is it that you truly need in your life?

What are your non-negotiable standards for the way you treat yourself and let others treat you?

Don’t be surprised if people from your past contact you and tell you how they feel about you and become honest about your previous relationship. This fall is the time to be emotionally honest with yourself and then communicate your innermost truth to others.

As a result, you’ll feel liberated and comfortable in your own skin. It requires enormous amounts of energy to conceal what you desire and need.

When you let go of the rein and say: “this is true me, take it or leave it,” you’ll free up energy that you can invest in yourself and your craft.

Intimacy means that you hold each other’s back and understand each other’s struggles. It also means that you can share your secret fears and beliefs and to your surprise, at the moment of sharing, the fears lose their grip on you.

When you’re intimate with another human being, you show them all the beauty and messiness of you, and you become present with their authentic self too. This is called heaven on earth. Don’t we all want this kind of bond?

Isn’t it worth risking that the other person may not accept you in the hope that you create the most loving and exciting bond of your life?

If you go with the flow of these energies, you’ll know where you stand with your relationships at. No space for pretense and power battles has a chance to survive. Are you ready to find out the truth?