This Is Why She’s Afraid To Lean On You


It’s not that she doesn’t trust you, she’s just afraid that if she tells you her problems, she’ll look needy. If she rants about the smallest things that annoy her, she’ll look pathetic. She’s afraid to look vulnerable because if she does, you’ll get tired of her and leave.

She knows that she still a child at heart and that is why she’s trying to grow up. She wants to learn her own way than be taught by you. She wants to be independent where people can depend on her. She’s too afraid of the what if’s if she sticks too much around you.

She’s afraid to lean on you because she’s afraid if you leave, she’ll get lost.

She doesn’t want to be clingy and overprotective so as not to deprive you. She wants to be your Wonder Woman and you be her Steve rather than be a somewhat of a Harley Quinn. She wants to be with you all the time yet she chose not to because she knows that both of you have still things to do. She wants to finish the priorities and when they are done, that’s the time she’ll get to spend time with you. You are the worth the wait. The time with you is the reward for the wait.

It’s not that she doesn’t want to rely on you, she just wants you to rely on her. She wanted to come out strong because she wants to take care of you.

She wanted to cook for you, make you smile and laugh, and make you want her like no other. Making you happy will make her the happiest. So why burden you with her problems?

Because you’re stronger, even if she doesn’t speak, you extend your arms to help her, to comfort her. You embrace her and tell her ‘It’s going to be okay, I’m here.’ You put her head on your shoulder and make her feel your warmth and comfort. You assure her and make her smile like no one does. Thus, you make her feel most secure and somewhat unafraid. You prove her fears and anxiety wrong.