This Is Why Losing Touch With Friends As An Adult Doesn’t Have To Be Depressing


The cacophony of phone calls after phone calls, the continuous punching of fingers against the keyboard and the never ending scratching of notes on your planner – all these are signs that your world has already morphed into something way beyond the mundane and childish word you used to know.

A year ago, you always thought that things will not change between and among you and your friends; that hangouts every afternoon can still be done, that they will always be just one sms or phone call away. You always assumed that you will always live in the same plane, your time would always intersect one point or another, or that your worlds will revolve in the same cycle from nine to five. I mean, when you’re young and the disobliging habit of ‘The Real World’ ripping you from your friends is still a distant threat away, you would really couldn’t careless, right?

However, the older you become, the more you open your eyes to what lays beyond and not what already happened, the more you realize that you do live in the same plane but somehow your lines will no longer intersect at a specific point because your discourses are already indirectly parallel with one another. This is the inevitable part in growing up. Much has been said about this and you could have prepared yourself but you decided not. You believed that it will still be the same. But the truth is, the future that you hold is and would always be so unclear.

But you know what? Coming undone and losing touch with friends growing up is a good thing. Life has a way of cleansing things from the face of the earth and its tenants. Life will wash people in to your life as often as it washes out some. Growing up is not a scary phase to fear but a phase to marvel and bask in. Never be sad or be depress when you lose some of the ‘besties’ you’ve had because if they truly want to be in your life, they will find ways to be in it regardless how far they are, how busy they are, how broke they are, how miserable they are or how happy they are.

It’s okay to be friendless every once in a while. Because you have to understand that priorities change along the way. This is not a complicated phase. You just have to accept, see this as an opportunity to be mature and move on. And then one day, you will see, life will bring you back to the same plane where your time and theirs will intersect again…just the like old days.