This Is Why It’s So Important To Show Compassion To The People Around You


I’m sorry for having a blank face. I’m sorry for the dull light in my eyes. I’m sorry for never being able to express my true feelings. I’m sorry for disappointing you time and time again. I think it’s my heart that burns with anguish every time I see the tears form in your eyes. I think it’s my brain yelling, “Tell him how much you appreciate and love him!” I think it’s my soul yearning for a significant other.

How do I really know the truth if I’ve never felt what love is before I met you?

In society today, destruction and pain highlights every passing day. Activists, influencers, and celebrities promote the importance of self-love and fulfilling our happiness. With the waging internal war inside America today, the thought of ever being truly happy diminishes quicker with each hate tweet, troll, and instance of blatant disgust for others. Individuals all over the world are quick to “understand” the motive behind someone’s acitions or place blame on others for not acting faster to prevent situations.

Realistically, however, a bad guy’s tears were most likely were caused by “good” citizens next door.

A person who has never felt love from another will not understand how to love someone. Someone who has never experienced happiness will fall short of fulfilling their own.

An individual who has never received a smile will not feel the need to present one back.

A person who has only felt hate from their peers and guardians will act on it toward strangers.

Someone who has only experienced sadness will find it as a comforting default in their life.

An individual who has only received harsh glares will feel the need to present one back.

Actions and the emotion of love should never be expected.

Future friends and significant others may have never known love, which means they do not know or understand how to show it back to you. Anger toward these individuals will only lead you down a road turmoil and hate. Disappointment toward these people will only lead you down a road with no answer. People cannot express or feel emotions they do not understand or know, just like people can not cook without being taught, or drive a car without the understanding of the rules and regulations.

With this, however, individuals must not leave them ignorant to what love feels like. People need to teach others what love really means. A smile every day slowly chips the walls built around a heart. A warm greeting breaks through the cracks. Compassion expands the holes, allowing the idea and feeling of love to leak in the soul. Building a connection forces those tough exteriors to fully collapse into the abyss. Teaching others the concept of love allows one less person to react straight on hate. Love allows one less person to be free from the constant sadness. Love allows a person to be set free from the darkness.

I’m sorry that I don’t know how to express love or shower you with the appreciation you deserve. Thank you, however, for showing me what love means, because I will eventually be able to show it back.