This Is Why I Should Not Fall In Love With You



I’m not sure how long we have known each other but I am aware on how often our paths me.

You’re friends with some of my friends while I am friends with some of your friends.

I’m not even sure if we have common interests. It’s a good thing that we get to talk about random things though.

However, it seems that I can foresee the most dangerous thing that might happen to me in the future – falling in love with you. I think anyone can fall for you because of your unique charm and good traits.

You don’t even seem to be the type of person who would hurt girls in every possible way. So while I have not yet fallen in love with you, I’ll do everything I can because if I do, I know that I’ll get my heart broken again. I will tell myself that I can never ever have a place in your heart. I will remind myself about God’s other plans for me.

I will also remind myself to put a boundary between us. In case you and I will become good friends, at least I will know that my place in your life is only up to a certain level.

I’m not going to push you away nor stay away from you because if I’ll do either of those things, I might end up chasing you which I do not want to happen.

I might even end up forcing myself to have a major place in your life. I know God is just putting me to a test so that he will know how far I’ll go. This is also one of his ways to know if I have really indeed learned my lessons from past mistakes.

So, I’ll continue to live my life as it is. I know it is not wrong to fall in love with someone but it is logical to say that you should not fall in love with someone especially if you know that the heart of person you are about to fall in love with already belongs to someone else.