This Is What Your Zodiac Sign Can Expect From The Week Of September 6



You’re impulsively trying to get someone to respond back to your messages or your phone calls. Or this person may be doing this to you. Some of you are still trying to figure out what direction you’re supposed to be headed in, but the thing is that you keep changing your mind every spring or every few months. This is a time for you to sit still and think about what your next move will be. Even though we can do a lot of things doesn’t mean that we should. Some of you may be having visitors during this week or are going to see a fire sign person that may be at a distance. Some of you may be in the market for a new car or you are needing to get repairs done on your car. News will be coming in revolving around moving to a new place, work, or when it comes to transferring within a company to a new location. Some of you may be getting relocated to a new department that will be a little bit faster paced, so make sure that you are preparing yourself. During this week, you really just want to have fun and let your hair down, but someone in your energy is wanting more. You may be reluctant to move forward with this person because you may see them as a player or you just don’t want a committed relationship right now. Luck will come through children or careers dealing with children during this time. Some of you may be fearful that you are pregnant by someone who you just met or someone that you’ve been going back and forth with because they don’t want to commit. New work contacts or work contracts will be coming in to you within the next three days, and this will be welcome news for you. Some of you may be rejecting someone’s proposal or you may be rejecting the feelings that someone says they have for you. It’s hard for you to believe this person because they say one thing and do another, and for the most part your gut may be telling you that this person is just not ready. Don’t bury yourself into your work for those of you that are still feeling some sort of way about a water sign person not communicating with you. This person may be offering a friendship, but you want more or you want a friendship and they want a relationship. You’re not going to play these games with this person who may be immature, childish, or trying to prove a point like you can’t move on to someone else. So you will decide to go quietly, as you will feel that it’s not even worth the energy anymore. Some of you will be leaving someone behind by the end of this week for good. More work doesn’t equal more money, and for those of you with a business, then this is likely a slow week for you, so don’t push it. Things will start to pick up at the end of this month.


If you have been on a hiatus from dating, you will be getting back into the swing of things by getting on dating websites. Some of you may be dealing with a Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius or other fire sign person that you feel is trying to offer you the world, but when they aren’t getting attention from you, they go silent. This week you are tired of giving more than they give you, and some of you may start to slowly pull back from doing certain things to see if this person notices. It’s not best to take out your frustrations online, because some of you may end up saying something that you can’t take back. Mars energy is coming up strong, so make sure that you keep your emotions in check during this week. For those of you in connections, then you may be dealing with someone who is jealous of your friends or someone who just wants to have you all to themselves, but when the roles are reversed, it’s a different story. I see a move happening for some of you in the year 2021, or some of you will be fulfilling your dreams to go visit another country that may be on your bucket list. You love traveling, and some of you even love writing, but you may be fearful that you won’t get success in these areas. You will finally give this a chance next year. Some of you may even be getting communication from an old teacher or you are seeking out this person for help when it comes to some sort of writing project you may be doing. Someone also may be threatening to leave or break up this connection during this week because they feel you are changing. But no, you just aren’t putting your all into someone who isn’t putting their all into you. So disagreements or clashing of personalities could be happening quite a bit during this week, but in the end, you will be the bigger person and either find a new way to communicate or walk away. Some of you may find out by the end of this week that the arguing is because someone is getting attention from a third party and someone may just be stirring the pot so that they can do something different. If you are meeting someone new from a different country or a state far from you, then take this as conversation for now, because this person likes someone else more. However, in the month of October, they will decide to let that person go and put their effort into you guys’ connection if you are still interested in them. A successful career change is on the horizon for you, and it may be in the field of sports, leadership, packaging/shipping, travel, poetry, singing, or writing. Most of you know who your soulmate is, and it’s a friend of the family or this is someone that you met through a friend. I get a strong water sign with earth in their chart, and they may even come from a well known family or their family has a business in the field of finance, real estate, construction, or a medical practice.


If you have a grandparent or elder that has passed on, then you could really be missing this person this week. This could be someone that you confided in and told your truth to and they never judged you. This week you will be thinking about what’s missing in your life and some of you could be missing the way your life used to be in the past. If you are missing how things used to be in a relationship, you will be spending this week trying to figure out how you can get back to how things were. Some of you may be needing some sort of financial help during this time and you don’t know who to turn to. If you broke up with someone, you may be feeling as if this person doesn’t care anymore because they may be painting a picture that everything is fine and they aren’t really bothered. Well, you don’t really know how they truly feel, because they could be masking their feelings, so try not to assume. Communication issues could be coming up when it pertains to a boss, coworker, or some sort of other situation pertaining to your career. Some of you may be overdrafting some sort of bill this week because money that you were expecting to come in hasn’t come and it still may not come until the end of the month. If you need help, then don’t be afraid to reach out to a Leo, Sagittarius, or Virgo friend that is around you. The biggest thing for you this week is that you are nitpicking at your image or you are nitpicking to find something wrong with yourself because you keep having failed attempts at this love stuff. But you will connect with a fire sign person by the end of the week who has their own business or who is in a management position. If you’ve been worried about the health of your own mother or a female in your life, then they will be getting good news this week, so you can breathe a little easier now. If you are trying to learn something new during this time or trying to go back to school there could be issues with admissions, loans, or transferring to a different institution. It may be best to wait another three months if you can or wait until the spring to start your studies. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself to be like your mom or live up to your mom’s expectations, because this is a pinnacle in your life that you may not ever reach.


Your mind or your emotions may be getting the best of you during this week. Some of you may be dealing with some sort of unexpected legalities when it comes to an ex or to something dealing with deaths or inheritances. Some of you haven’t been paying attention to the signs or symbols that’ve been around you for the last two months when it comes to a situation that you refuse to see it for what it is. The tower card has popped up in your energy during this time, and this can be a time of mental confusion or anxiety. Some of you may be dealing with issues when it comes to a Libra or another air sign person from your past that may be contacting you unexpectedly. The thing here is that this person is bringing some sort of trouble or even drama. It seems this person still wants an explanation into why you guys can’t try to work things out. Some of you may be breaking up with someone in the midst of an argument because you are just so frustrated and this person will leave and this time they may not come back. So it’s definitely best to keep your emotions in check and try to think before you speak. Some of you this may have already happened and you are still struggling to put this person behind you and move on to someone new. But when you are with the new person, you start to think about the old person. Correspondence that you’ve been waiting to come will show up this week when it pertains to travel, siblings, or something to do with literature if you are writing a book. It may not be what you were expecting to receive, and for some of you, this may be a rejection of some sort. You may decide to go for an appeal in the next three days or three weeks when it pertains to this. Some of you on the other end are waiting for someone to email or message you back when it comes to a love situation. Now is not the time to be greedy, and if something doesn’t feel right, then don’t do it, because you will have to pay for that in the next 4-8 months. Some of you that have been searching for love will meet a fire or earth sign person during this time, but be mindful, because they may be tied up in another romantic situation. As long as you stay on the good side of karma, then money will actually be coming in by the end of this week or the end of the month. So if you get a postponed, delayed, or even a denial letter at the beginning of this week, something will end up turning around in your favor. Don’t try to outsmart God or the Universe, because they see it all. Be mindful of materialism, as it’s not worth it. Keep your ethics and morals intact. Those of you in connections with fire sign or water sign people can expect some sort of vacation coming up that will help get your relationships back on track.


Right now you are taking a step back to focus on things that matter and are important to you. There may be some people who may not like you doing this because they will immediately start to think that you don’t care, but at this point, you will let them think what they want. A friend that has been in your life for the last 8-12 years or months could be surprising you during this time by telling you that they have feelings for you. You may have already expected there was something there but it does seem that this person will be making the first move. Some of you may be in connections with someone that has a jealous or possessive streak, so you may be hiding some sort of friendship from this person. This friendship could be with someone from your past that you used to date or that you used to like. But you may feel that if you speak to your partner about this, then it could turn into an unnecessary argument. You may feel like isolating yourself in some sort of way by the weekend of next week, and it could be because some of you are worried about the health of someone important in your life. Don’t hide things out of fear that someone won’t understand. Don’t stray away from self-care during this time, and you may be deciding to treat yourself to something nice. Some of you will actually be taking yourself out on a date. Some of you that are separated from a water sign (or specifically a Pisces) may still be hanging on to hope during this time that this person will return back into your life a changed person. You may get your wish, but this person is coming back into your life with baggage, and that may be a new child or taking care of an elderly parent. If you have an air sign parent, then it may be a good idea to call and check on this person this week. Your soulmate is already around you, this person is just taking their time to make sure this is what they want before they fully commit to you. A new business idea or a new business could be taking shape during this week, and this seems to be something that you tried to do in the past two years but it didn’t work out the first time. No sense is arguing or pushing the topic of marriage during this week, because this is not on the other person’s mind.


This week you are just trying to focus on your peace of mind. Some of you may be trying to give an air or fire sign person their space like they asked for. You can’t help but to think about this situation that you still have no answers to. The answers that you are looking for may be found in a text message conversation that you had four months ago or this could go all the way back to 2017. Someone has told you how they really feel about you and it may have been during some sort of argument or some sort of exchange and right in that conversation lies the answers to everything you need to know. So for the most part of your week, you will be processing through certain things in your life. Some of you are still trying to process through your feelings because now someone is starting to confuse you. One minute this person wants to take a break and the next they want to try to find ways for you guys to move forward. Which one is it? Is this a relationship or not? You’ve been playing the guessing game with this person for the last 14 months, and you may be getting to a place where you’d rather just let them go then to keep going through this rollercoaster ride of emotions. You also may be having issues sleeping during this week due to insomnia or some of you are having issues with your health. Some of you may be wasting your breath during this time trying to get through to someone who clearly has their mind made up. Forgiveness is for you and not for the other person. Some of you may be too consumed with trying to make sure someone doesn’t have any hard feelings towards you that you are still filtering the truth. Your mind may be pulled in one direction and your heart is being pulled towards another. Trust that gut feeling of yours that hasn’t been wrong. This may be a time that uncomfortable decisions have to be made so that there can be balance brought into a situation. Those of you dealing with health issues could be searching to make some sort of change when it comes to your doctor or when it comes to your insurance. Try to catch up on some sleep during this week if you can. It also may be time for a new mattress or even a new couch. Some of you will find out that you are pregnant again if you are sleeping with your ex who you have a child with or you suffered some sort of miscarriage. Also some of you have two people on your mind and it’s a water and air sign person. The water sign person has already moved on from this connection if you and this person broke up.


A new beginning will be starting for you this week when it comes to your career sector. A job opportunity that you thought you were overlooked for will be coming back to you within the next six days or by the 17th of September. Communication from an old high school or college flame will be coming to you as well. Those of you that have been having communication issues with a parent or someone that you have a child with will have a much needed conversation during this time. Someone is wanting to step up to the plate more when it comes to their responsibilities. If you are seeing snakes in your dream that are talking or you are talking to them then there is a snake or a devilish energy that is around you that needs to be dealt with or this person could bring you down. These dreams have possibly already been happening or they will start happening around Thursday. Some of you want to talk back to someone from your past but this person may still be in a relationship with someone that they have kids with. They could even be married. Those of you in relationships should be mindful of running back and telling someone from the past what’s going on in your connection. Because this may end up getting back to your partner and it may be bad for the entire situation. Keep your relationship problems inside your relationship instead of wanting to discuss them with the world. Those of you that haven’t seen your father or a male family member in a while could be connecting with this person by the end of the week. Some of you are meeting someone new during this time that already has kids or this person will be very welcoming to your kids if you have any. You may be afraid to move forward with this person because you don’t want to get your feelings involved just for it to end up in disappointment. You won’t know unless you try because love is a gamble. Those of you in the military or know someone in the military could be receiving orders during this time that you are able to come back home. A fire sign that may have broken your heart or left you disappointed will be coming back towards you during this time and you will get into a relationship with this person again. It seems this person has some vices in terms of whether they flirt with their friends, drink, or they party too much. There is a level of toxicity to this reconciliation and the universe is urging you to think about this before you move forward with this person. Fire sign parents may be being judgmental towards a relationship right now, especially if you’ve decided to get back together with someone. Or even if this is someone new there still may be issues of judgement from family members.


You are completing cycles when it comes to your career or this may be when it pertains to a family situation. Some of you just can no longer give yourself to helping someone who is being quite ungrateful towards you. Some of you may be grieving the loss of family during this time. You may have decided to distance yourself away from family members because you feel they just want to use you or they are just unappreciative of your time when you try to help them. Some of you may be feeling overburdened by health issues that you’ve been dealing with for the last 10 years or 10 months. Take it easy this week if you can because some of you will be having some sort of flare up when it comes to your stomach, asthma, or even food allergies. A long week may be ahead for you because some of you may be getting called in on your day off or you will have to pick up the slack of someone on your team. When it comes to love, some are just tired of striking out, especially if you are single. Even if you are in a connection, it seems that you or the other person aren’t really focused on this relationship right now, and someone may be panicking a little bit that this situation could be over. Some of you are still struggling to find someone who you feel is accepted by your family. If you are planning on moving forward on a business idea during this week, then you will have success with this for the long haul. But it’s going to require patience and a well thought out plan. If you are just starting a business for the sake of starting a business, then it won’t make it past 4-8 months. Some people may be dealing with court cases or court situations when it comes to child support or custody. Some sort of offer that was initially put on the table will be rejected so back to the drawing board you go. Some of you will meet a Leo or Capricorn unexpectedly by the end of this week or over the course of the next year that you will settle down with. Some of you are already with this person if you met them during Pisces, Sagittarius, Capricorn or Aquarius season. So if you met this person during the winter months, then this is the person that you will decide to settle down with. Arguments or disagreements with friends or people who owe you money from the past could be happening by the 11th or the 15th of this month. Don’t fight with this air sign person if they want to keep threatening to leave. Let them go because they may be in the way of your true soulmate anyway.


You may be trying to figure out extra ways to make money during this time. Some of you may have dealt with some sort of loss when it comes to your financial sector or some of you may be trying to figure out how to ask your company for more money. It’s not the best week to have this conversation with your boss because likely they will forget you even asked them. It’s not time to move forward or make any sort of financial investments during this week, as you may end up putting in more than what you are getting out. If you are dealing with an earth sign, then you are trying to figure out if this person is wasting your time or not. They may talk a good game but can they live up to it? Gardening or things dealing with agriculture will bring a sense of peace or calm to you during this week. Some of you may be thinking about getting into the cannabis industry. Also investments or stocks that involve the financial or real estate field will bring really good returns over the next seven months or seven years. Some of you may have a Cancer on your mind and you are trying to figure out how to approach this person. You still love this person and you miss the bond that the both of you had, but they may be icing you out or you are the one that decided that it’s best you both didn’t communicate. By the end of the week, some sort of money will be coming into you from something that you applied for back at the end of august or during last week. Those of you that are looking for a new connection will meet a Leo, Aquarius, or Taurus person that you will have instant chemistry with. This may even be a friend around you. I see a proposal coming up if you decide to move forward on this relationship, but some things need to be worked through or figured out first. A new project or some sort of new responsibility will be coming through from your work sector during this week and it will be giving you the praise and recognition that you’ve been seeking. If you are moving forward in a new connection, be prepared for an ex to try to emotionally blackmail a situation because they are unhappy with the fact that you are leaving them behind so they may try to stir up drama. This may be someone that you broke up years ago and they still won’t let it die that you don’t want them anymore. This could be a Gemini or Virgo that is giving you these issues.


You may be feeling a bit lonely during this month. Money will be fine, but there’s something else that you feel is missing but you can’t quite put your finger on what it is. Some of you are meant to be teachers, philanthropists, activists, financers, or even something to deal with food. But you may be having trouble accepting your life purpose because it may not promise the glitz and glamour like you’ve always envisioned to have since the age of 19 or 23. Things change when we start moving into adulthood. Some of you may still have your mind on an earth sign person from the past who you feel gave you what you needed financially but emotionally this person may have just been too detached. You still wonder now what this situation would have been like if you decided to stay and work it out. Some of you will be learning something new during this week or you may even be going back to school. Seems that you are having a hard time focusing on anything during this time because you really just want to be to yourself. Oh, some of you could actually take up a career in writing or maybe even blogging, but it may require more practice or going back to school to further your education. You wonder with the current person that you’re dealing with if you are really satisfied or is this a connection to help you forget about the person that has your heart. Someone is approaching you quickly within the next nine days, and it seems to be either an air or a water sign person. Some of you have been in a state of bliss with someone that you just recently connected with and now it seems that someone is fleeing. Some of you may still be dealing with phobias around expressing yourself properly when it comes to your emotions. So this week you will try your best to work through these issues. Someone around you may not want what you want, and you could get confirmation of this during this week. However, you will still give this person a chance to see if they will change their mind in the future. Some of you have two people to choose from and you don’t know who the right one is for you. It seems the right one is someone closer to your age, and this person may be shy, 5’11 or less in height, and may work two jobs or their income may be a little bit unstable. They also may be in the field of media, military, or sales. The unlikely choice is the right choice. Some of you are already with this person and you may get easily distracted by this new love coming in, which may prompt you to make a decision to choose the other person. Heavy water sign energy with this person who is the right one. They also have three other siblings, more sisters than brothers. And I see they were either raised by a single mom or maybe raised by grandparents. Fire sign egos may be too big to make this connection last for the long haul.


Some of you are regaining your strength back after dealing with some sort of health issue. Those of you that are unhappy with your living situation could be out on the prowl during this time to look at new houses. An at home business or some sort of business could be starting to gain a little bit more ground during this time for those that are in a career that deals with the public, health, transportation, interior design, graphic design or in the field of culinary. An apology could be coming in from a fire sign person that you used to be married to or you used to be in a long term commitment with. Others of you this is someone in your family and it could be father, mother or a grandparent that is apologizing for some sort of fight, argument, or disagreement that may have happened in your house or revolving around something to do with kids. This may even be a situation where someone may be trying to explain themselves for not being there for you like they should have when you were growing up. Be careful to make sure that you aren’t repeating the same cycle with your own children. Home renovations could be happening during this week for those of you that don’t want to move but want some sort of new look to your space. This renovation can include new furniture, new mattresses, new color, or something new that involves a porch. Those of you that have been feeling pulled towards things revolving around the earth may feel that you want to start a garden or get into agriculture during this time. Some of you should make a move on this, because your earth ancestors may be the strongest presence in your life. So repay them back with an altar or even if you don’t want an altar then just be outside with the earth in some sort of way. Some of you also may be attending some sort of wedding during this time for someone that you went to school with or this is like a distant relative. Go with the flow during this week and it’s best to expand on things that are already here instead of trying to bring brand new things into your space. Some of you will be getting some sort of new success when it comes research, investigating, sex, spirituality, agriculture, hair, law, or careers in finance. Strong Virgo/Gemini or Pisces energy is around you during this time, and this may be a partner that you are already with or this is someone new that you will be meeting at the end of this week or between the 17th and 19th of this month.


You are feeling stuck at a crossroads right now and don’t know which direction to go in. Some of you are confused when it comes to a money situation or a situation to do with your business. A person you used to be with may be trying to entice you with gifts to come back into their life or they are trying to entice you with promises that they may not fulfill. Those of you that are already back with someone may be feeling that this person is not living up to what they said they were going to do. So this week you may be wondering if you should stay or if you should go when it comes to a romantic situation. However, you may feel stuck because you and this person have assets together or you may live together. Some of you are questioning if money is more important because someone has been putting the relationship on the backburner for the longest time. A potential new offer will be coming in for you during this week when it comes to your financial sector and this may require negotiations. Don’t be surprised if this company or person comes back with an offer below what you asked for, so you have to make a decision on if this lower offer is still worth taking. In the end you may decide to just leave this offer where it’s at and move on to something else. Some of you will be moving to a new place that is north or east of where you are living now in the next 6 months or less. This time you are making a move for your own benefit instead of for another person. Those of you in connections are still struggling to put something from the past behind you even though you are trying to give this person another chance. But it’s hard for you to not think about what has transpired between the two of you for the last 5 months or up to 5 years. It may be too easy to misplace or lose things during this time because your mind is somewhere else. So try to stay on track and try to make sure that you are staying focused on the task at hand. Some of you may be getting a call by the end of the week when it pertains to the health issues of a mother or a female in your life and you may have to stay back and help to take care of this person. Some of you may still be trying to have another baby, but there are still difficulties around this. But the difficulty also may be that the other person isn’t on the same page as you. Definitely better to save than to spend during this time as some of you may have some sort of expense pertaining to legalities that has to be taken care of or there will be some sort of home repair that needs to be tended to.