This Is What You Need To Remember After A Break Up


You will not double text or blow anyone’s phone up. You need to respect yourself and respect your time. If someone isn’t responding it’s because they don’t want to or they don’t see you as a priority. Take none of that personal and remain focused on your goal and your path. Your life is something great and you need to remember that most in moments like these. Remember the bigger picture.

You have to let go of the past. Take the lesson but end the chapter, close
the book. You can’t go back and re write it you need to breathe in and out, cry if you need to, or scream but you need to accept it and in that same moment of acceptance you need to let go and move on. That doesn’t mean your world is over or that you should want to end your life it simply means your journey is continuing down the path it’s meant to and whatever change happened was meant to happen and whatever it is that shifted wasn’t meant for you at the time or isn’t meant for you at all. Let time handle that, time is by your side now your part in this is to stand tall and stay strong.

You control nothing in this world but yourself. You cannot control anyone or anything except you. That means live and let live. Not everyone has to be like you and if you want more people like you then don’t surround yourself around those who aren’t. You should take pride in your self control because it’s the hardest type of control but it’s truthfully the only one you can obtain and hold on to for life.

In order for others to respect your time you need to respect it first.
Especially with you not having a job where you clock in and out, essentially you can always be free. You have to remain centered and focused and this is where mindfulness plays another key role. You must put your duties and obligations first and with those you must put yourself first. If you are tired and know you have a big day tomorrow. Turn down plans and get your rest. You’ll thank yourself later.

DRUGS. I Elizabeth, do not smoke weed or drink. I have the occasional glass of red wine and that’s about it. I like to always be aware of my surroundings and in control of my actions. Along with this I shall continue to eat clean and workout. Stay true to yourself and your diet do not sway because you’re hanging out with a certain person. You are what you eat and I am clean so I will eat clean. I value you my health and fitness and it should remain that way. I shouldn’t be working out less than 5 times a week because that is my healthy addiction.

Remember how accomplished you are. How beautiful you are. How funny you are. Remember how caring you are. How thoughtful you are. How driven and determined you are. Remember how ambitious you are. How adventurous you are. Remember how HAPPY you are. How calm you are. Remember how elegant you are. How exceptional you are. How blessed you are. Remember who you are and never lose site of that.

Do not let your mistakes eat you alive, you have a tendency of doing this. You aren’t perfect and that’s ok. You WILL mess up. Your ego/pride will get bruised here and there. But it’s how you react and handle the situation that will ultimately define who you are. Remember to always walk away before you react to something you have no business reacting to. Take control of your actions and emotions. In times of pure anger or frustration or even confusion or pain with someone I want you to walk away and give yourself time to reflect and also the other person as well. Do not push or press but instead relieve yourself and think.

Be alone and embrace it. In times of loneliness you get deeper with yourself. Socialization is very important but having a hold or a grip on yourself is a bit more important in today’s world. Learn how to be alone again. Remember to do things that bring you pleasure with or without friends. For instance going to the movies. Don’t abandon your me time for anyone.

NO ONE IS THE CENTER OF YOUR MOVIE BUT YOU. Do not make any man, person, or friend. The center of your world. You have had your life before knowing them and you filled your time up doing things before knowing they existed. You must continue to do those things and and learn to say no. No matter the persistence or pressure. And the more they push maybe the more weary to be, because they aren’t respecting themselves and someone who isn’t respecting themselves isn’t loving themselves and therefore they cannot love you.