This Is What Will Matter In Life In The Years To Come, And It’s Not Necessarily The Prettiest Moments


In years to come, many of your worries will be forgotten and a lot of the things that you spend your time focused on today will no longer matter. We spend a vast amount of energy pouring our hearts and souls into aspects of our lives that are one day going to become irrelevant, someday soon we will no longer be interested in all the superficial areas of our lives and our relationships will have changed just as much as our priorities. <h2.Years from now the things you value in your world will no longer be important, and instead, what will matter will be the quiet and unassuming areas of your life today.

The long walks you take, the exhausting runs you go on or gym classes you attend, in fact, any time spend strengthening your body is going to matter in years to come. The supermarket runs, the hours spent in your kitchen preparing good food and the effort you put into nourishing your body, this will matter too.

The Sunday dinners you share with your family, the phone calls you set time aside to make and the relationships you choose to pour your energy into right now will all matter in years to come. The friends you keep close, the neighbours you make an effort with and the people you are surrounded by are going to influence your life, and they’re all going to matter too.

The challenges you embark on, all of the risks you are brave enough to take and the new ventures you seek with an open mind, these are what is going to matter years from today. The new people you meet, the new foods you try and the new places you give a second chance, well these will matter too.

The days and weeks you spend studying to learn a new skill will take up lots of your time and you’ll be bored often but your hard work is going to matter in years to come. The books and articles you read, the vlogs or podcasts that inspire you and the people who help you to grow, yes these are going to matter too.

The countries you visit, languages you learn and the cultures you immerse yourself in are all going to matter years from today. The adventures you set out on, the time you spend out of your comfort zone and any leap of faith you take, will undoubtedly matter to your life too.

It’s easy to underestimate the value of certain areas of our lives, but they all have a side effect, and these impact our lives greatly.

You see there’s a bigger picture when it comes to living your life that you can’t appreciate until you’ve lived and understood the consequences of all your experiences. Lessons and experiences work simultaneously, and as they intertwine they will help you to form new connections as you go along the path of your journey through this life.

It’s important to appreciate that often the least prettiest moments of our lives, sometimes the boring uncelebrated hours, and often the underestimated events are what lead us towards bigger and better things and that these are what is going to matter to your life in years to come.