This Is What Recovery Is


Recovery, is defined as the return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength. But what is normal? The amazing thing about recovery is it is personal, individualized and created by the one recovering. Trust me, I know. I am recovering from alcohol abuse, using work as an excuse to be still, and relationships and sex as a way to avoid feeling cuts and bruises from past hurts.

Recovery is beautiful though.

Recovery is allowing yourself 2 minutes or 2 hours to cry with your heart ripped open and not have to explain why.

Recovery is buying a plane ticket to a country far away that has peaked your interest or driving to another town only to buy a donut and not letting anyone know because it is a moment for yourself.

Recovery is saying no to work, to social gatherings or coffee with a friend because the truth is you just want to be alone, and it is okay to want that.

Recovery is reaching for the phone to call a family member or friend instead of reaching for the bottle of alcohol.

Recovery is getting up every morning to go to the gym.

Recovery is practicing yoga a in a quiet room or surrounded by strangers with open minds.

Recovery is standing in front of the ocean, with closed eyes and an open heart, listening to the power of the waves and feeling the breeze kiss your face.

Recovery is pushing yourself to climb mountains and jump rivers.

Recovery is choosing to laugh at silly jokes or funny videos.

Recovery is sitting on the couch with a book.

Recovery is playing with dogs.

Recovery is painting with bright colours.

Recovery is going to group meetings and understanding that as humans we struggle sometimes.

Recovery is kissing babies and colouring with children.

Recovery is laughing with an old friend.

Recovery is building a bonfire and watching the stars.

Recovery is dancing in the dark or singing your favorite song loudly.

Recovery is cooking a meal for yourself and only you.

Recovery is talking to a counsellor and being your authentic self in a safe place.

Recovery is admitting things are hard and you want to scream or punch a pillow.

Recovery is not answering text messages or phone calls and not feeling guilty about it.

Recovery is scary, confusing and lonely. But recovery is created by you. So here’s to defining a “normal state” in terms which are special to you.