This Is What Our Pain Really Teaches Us


Your eyes look sad. It seems like last night was another battle. You are still crying over the bruises in your heart. You are still thinking of him, how he left you hanging. You are still hearing his voice, how he whispers “I love you” in your ears. Admit it, you still miss him.

For now, it is fine if you’re dwelling with the pain inside you. It is okay to shed you tears, as long as you wanted to. Let yourself heal. Let your heart tell when it’s finally over. Get yourself together. The broken pieces inside you will be fixed soon. Only you can tell when you’re already whole.

It is your call. It is your choice.

John Green taught us that pain demands to be felt. You are feeling it all today but don’t let it consume you for the tomorrows that are coming. Even if it takes a lot of time, choose to be happy. You’re the only person who can calm your own storms. The rain will stop falling if you start opening your umbrella. Capture the positives and deal with it. Look at the brighter side of this wondrous thing called life.

Pain reminds you that you’re a person of strength.
You have experienced the hurricane but you are still here. You chose to stand up, you didn’t give up. This time, you are still that brave one. Every day, you wake up in the morning facing the same demons you fought yesterday.

You are a warrior, indeed.

Pain shapes you to become a better person. All the struggles will teach you life’s greatest lessons. With these, a better version of you awaits. This is just a pigment of the success you’re looking forward to. You will get there. Your life will never be ordinary because these experiences make you triumphant.

You just have to believe.

A series of pain is just an introduction for a long-lasting bliss. You just have to conquer it. The heaven and Earth is conspired to hone a human being like you. It will never come easy. It will never be all about rainbows and pots of gold. It will always be about you. Your pain will serve as a key to your future, to your dreams.

Embrace pain because honestly, it won’t last.
Learn to live with it. Soon enough, the sun will rise again.