This Is What It’s Like To Feel In Love When You Still Feel Broken


No matter how long we build our walls, no matter how strong we guard our hearts, a time will come, when someone will catch you off guard.

When you see that person, you will forget the entire ache your heart feels; all you would see is the smile from his face, your heart will skip a beat when he gets close to you, you will freeze in your place when he seats next to you and sometimes your common sense leaves you when he starts talking to you. With all the people around you, he would still be the only one to get your attention; while walking along the busy streets, he is still running in your mind.

But when you get yourself to be alone, you will remember why you built your walls. You have been so hurt and you do not want to feel that way again; You made mistakes and you are scared to make more; You have been single for a long time and you no longer know how to be in a relationship; You always think it will not last; You have seen broken marriages, broken relationships from your friends which makes you even more scared; You haven’t even started talking to the person who got you smitten and you already think he would cheat on you; You think it would be more peaceful to grow old alone.

When you ponder on all these thoughts, you will think it is not just worth it to give it a try; but then you see him every day on your workplace, and you think why not give it a shot. You will see him, and his eyes will meet yours, and you’ll look away. You will try to avoid him, but he is stuck in your thoughts.

He is trapped in the walls of your mind; he wouldn’t even try to get out because he doesn’t even know he is in your head. If he knew, he would want to get out, but you wouldn’t let him. Without him knowing, he has shaken your walls, the walls you built for years, the walls you have been trying to protect.

And all these thoughts will drive you crazy, maybe it is not best to feel smitten when you still feel broken. But you assure yourself, one day you’ll be awake, and you will be back on your feet forgetting all the mistakes.