This Is What Isolation Actually Is, Because It’s Not Just Being Sad And Alone


1. Isolation is comfort. It is the blanket that envelops you in a pitch black room. It is too cozy that it makes you forget how scared you are to be alone in the dark. It makes you believe it’s okay to be lonely.

2. Isolation is a peace of mind. It makes you realize that you don’t always have to think of something to say. It’s better not to be reactive and too sensitive.

3. Isolation lets you hear your voice again that has been long shut out by the crowd. Sometimes, you can only reclaim yourself in silence. You have to keep the world out so you can listen to yourself better.

4. Isolation is the calm before the storm. It gives you a quiet time, but it can be too still you can hear your heart beating against your chest – too loud and a little too fast.

5. Isolation amplifies your senses – the voices in your head are stronger, more persistent, and most of all, more convincing. And suddenly, the smell of your room reeks with self-pity.

6. Isolation is a mirage of independence and bravery.

7. Isolation is the light that tries to chase away the shadows until the flame fizzles out.

8. Isolation is a friend, but it can never make you laugh so hard until your stomach hurt. It is the silent tears – a sob that you refuse the world to hear.

9. Isolation is a breath of fresh air. It is a ride that takes you away from everything that suffocates you. It is the path that leads you back to yourself.

10. Isolation denies you of human connection. Do not turn your back from the warmth of someone’s hand over yours; the smiles that make you feel at ease; and the love that hugs you in broken places that you never know could still be put back together.

11. Isolation is a refuge, not a home.