This Is What I’m Learning About Love


One of the hardest lessons I’ve had to learn about love is that people can’t always love you the way you love them. They can’t appreciate you the way you appreciate them. They can’t want you in the same way that you want them. There is nothing you can do to make someone love you differently, and it is the powerlessness of this that makes it so difficult. We always want people to love us the way we love them. We expect people to love us the way we love them, without realizing how high the stakes are.

I’m learning that the love you give won’t always be the love you get in return. I’m learning that just because someone can’t love as deeply as you doesn’t mean you’re wrong. It doesn’t mean how you love is wrong. It doesn’t mean you were wrong to love them in the first place. It just means your love wasn’t meant to be given there. I promise you, there are places where your love won’t be overlooked. There are places where it’ll be appreciated, and most importantly, it’ll be wanted.

I’m learning that in life, there will be times where you will give your love and trust to the wrong people. It’s easy to shame yourself for putting your everything into someone when it doesn’t turn out as planned. I need to tell you that just because someone can’t love you the way you love them does not mean the love you give is any less valuable. It just means it belongs somewhere else.

I’m learning that settling is being with someone that can’t love you in the same capacity that you love them. Your love is so special. It means so much, and you are offering it to people that push you away. They see you as a second option, as something to be dealt with, and as something so replaceable. That is not the love you give, so why is that the love you are accepting? 

I’m learning that sometimes people will reject the love and effort we offer. And that’s okay. Let them live their lives. Live your own life. Mind your own business. Your love will be just enough for someone else one day.