This Is What I Wish I Could’ve Told My 20-Year-Old Self


Dear 20-year-old self,

Where do I even begin? Since graduating from college, you finally left that small town that you always felt you didn’t belong to. In fact, you’ve managed to travel the world and live in several different countries. But before you accomplish all of that, you will doubt and question yourself, and sadly spend more time than you should on those who don’t deserve you.

If there is a certain piece of advice I would offer you, it would be to kick rocks to the string of college boys that will inevitably say to you, “I’m not ready for commitment.” No, it’s nothing personal, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you. Stop trying to analyze and decode what is being said to you, because the simple fact is that when a guy says he’s not ready, it means he is not ready. Especially at that age when neither he or you are even close to being ready. The harder you try to make it work, the worse it will end.

And, while you’re at it, uninstall that Tinder app from your phone. Little do you know that years from now, you will install that app again (on a far more advanced piece of technology), only this time it will lead to you meeting the love of your life. In the meantime, focus more on your studies. No, I don’t mean to sound like your mother when I say this, but years from now you will actually miss those early-morning coffee runs before a lecture that will actually help educate you about the world that you will one day get to see in person.

Oh, and by the way, now that you’ve uninstalled that prematurely downloaded Tinder app from your phone, spend more time with your girlfriends. You know, those late nights you spend eating spicy ramen noodles and binge-watching American Horror Story with your best friend Olive? Or those nights you spend drunk dancing with your closest girlfriends? Do more of that! Years from now, when you’ve all settled down, you’ll miss making those stupid, crazy memories.

Before I sign, seal and deliver this letter to you, the last piece of advice I can give is to stress less and eat more. Stop worrying about those pesky people who tell you to watch your daily intake of sodium and sugar because, let’s face it, college food is the shit. My present-day self is telling you that you are almost exactly the same weight, only now you sadly don’t have the option of scarfing down Wednesday’s lasagna at your disposal.

In summary, I want you to cherish not only lasagna day but also your closest girlfriends because the future will come faster than you think. Spend less time stressing and worrying over boys and getting good grades because, in the end, things somehow always have a way of working themselves out. So kick back, relax, and enjoy the ride.


Your Wiser, Future Self