This Is What I Want To Tell My Future Self


I’m praying for you to be absolutely happy wherever you are right now. I hope you don’t regret having me in your life—your past.

I hope you still look back to how you were back then, how immature and impulsive you were, what a cry-baby you’ve been and most importantly, the hardships and struggles you faced and conquered.

Everything that I have been experiencing right now is the reason why you exist. How you became stronger and wiser as woman, capable of loving and hurting. God made us this way and I am truly grateful for that.

I hope you’re not afraid of failing anymore. I know how painful it is to fail because I’ve been there countless of times, but look how beautiful the result is—it is you. Yes, all those heartbreaks, rejections and criticisms made us better than yesterday. Because we were never alone during those battles—God was with us the whole time. He never left us. Never forget to be grateful for the life He gave you.

I hope you cherish the people who’ve been with you through the ups and downs. Whether they’re old or new people in your life, be grateful for them, including those who hurt you. Without them, you wouldn’t be this person standing tall in the world.

I hope you’ll never stop doing what you love the most. This world may show you how impossible or hard it is to reach your dreams, but never, ever let it define what you are capable of doing. Just put your trust in God and do your best.

Lastly, I hope you would love yourself more as to what I am doing right now. Because you deserve all the beautiful things life has to offer. Forgive yourself from committing mistakes, making wrong decisions and being vulnerable at times, because those things don’t define you as a person. Keep on believing in God’s plan, because He’s the main reason why you and I exist. Whatever happens, never forget that you are stronger than you know.

Always remember that you are wonderful just the way you are and I am proud of you. I hope you feel that way too.