This Is What Happens When You Love A Man With An Addiction


Everything is great. Marriage is beautiful. And you cannot wait to spend the rest of your life with your prince charming.

You imagine marriage as a beautiful garden. Full of wonder and excitement. Nothing can dampen your day despite the red thorns you know are always a possibility.

You say your vows with good meaning. You can’t imagine your life without him. He’s so beautiful standing there as you promise to love him in sickness and in health and as you lightly grasp hands and seal it with a sweet kiss.

But what if Satan gets in the way? What if your love isn’t always enough? What if once you get married, you see a side to him you’ve never seen? You’re choking in the thorns you once thought were non-existent and you’re not enough to stop it.

It’s the drug. So appealing and seductive. It has a hold on him that you never will.

He thirsts for its taste and craves its touch. A dark mistress that you will never compare to. He caresses it like he’s never done with you.

The late nights of arguing only make things worse. It drives him deeper and deeper into its presence. Your patience runs thin and he doesn’t even notice. You throw up in the sink and rinse it off in the shower while he lays lifeless on the couch.

The patient wife tries. She has seen many nights of sweat filled covers and stumbling into walls before finally passing out on whatever couch or chair welcomes him. She has stayed up trying to force food and water down him while he cusses and yells words that he doesn’t even realize he is saying.

When she finally finds rest in the early hours of the morning, she is awoken to a man who does not remember. He apologizes without knowing what he’s apologizing for.

The blue lights, the handcuffs, the flooding tears… Nothing can speak to him like the drug.

You know his golden heart. You know this is not him.

You’re right, it’s not your husband. You’re simply married to the drug. It controls him in a way that you will never be able to. It offers him things that you do not possess as a human.

Love is strong, but how strong is it when compared to addiction? When compared to alcoholism? What is it going to take to move you back to the center of his eye and demolish the drug?

“In sickness and in health,” you promised. He’s sick. You’re married to the drug.

I have found the only source of comfort is God. Praying fervently because this drug is Satan. Satan is weak in comparison to the Almighty.

Encourage, listen, pray. Your husband will come back to you. You will defeat the demon and only then will you be married to the man… not the drug.