This Is What Happens When You Fall In Love With Your Person


I have never been too excited when it comes to writing about love; it seems to frighten my fingers, and they cramp as if I was about to do something terrible. My words become scattered, and my ideas don’t come together, I find myself stuck in a writer’s block that only disappears when I delete the word love. I have never been too excited when it comes to writing about love because the truth is I didn’t know what it was.

When I met my person, words flew around my head and my fingers danced to the beat of all the love songs and all of a sudden I saw myself writing the most beautiful poetry.

My person brought safety to my hands, enough safety for them to write about it.

My eyes couldn’t believe what they saw, and my mouth couldn’t explain what I felt. I began believing that only maybe my senses were deceiving me, I couldn’t understand what was happening.

When I met my person, I chose to see things with beauty and passion. My words were stronger; they had different meanings. I admired the simplest things and felt thrilled to write about it. Gravity had disappeared, time stopped, life was in pause. All I could do was put my feelings into paper because what a better way to show off such a strong emotion than with my biggest passion. All of a sudden my ideas would come together like a puzzle waiting to be finished, every piece fit perfectly with the other.

When I met my person, I decided to sit alone and love myself in my loneliness. Here I discovered that it was important to love me first before loving someone else. My writer’s block disappeared, and I began writing for me, for us. The word is love was written all over the place, and that was good, it felt right. My words became emotions, and I showed that through my touch. I ran my fingertips through my lover’s skin, and it became poetry, the most beautiful one my eyes have ever seen.

When I met my person, I discovered that writer’s fall in love strongly and deeply, we turn feelings into art, the art of writing. What a beautiful way of expression, what a wonderful dedication; someone loving you and writing about how much they love you.

My person understood this; my person understood that it takes being scared and taking a risk because it feels right. My person understood I could express better with words and began to read every single one of them. Paid attention to every comma, and every period; to the number of sentences in each paragraph and to how much of a perfectionist I am when it comes to writing. When you find someone who makes you feel even more passionate about what you do and who you are; someone who supports and understands why you do the things you like. When everything falls into place, and you find beauty where it wasn’t supposed to be, then you will know you’ve fallen in love with your person.