This Is What Happens When You Choose Happiness


So you better start choosing.

Every day is another day to choose yourself. It’s a day to be thankful for everything you have and all the lesson’s life has taught you this far. Happiness is a choice, happiness is something that is easily attainable if you work for it. Happiness can be as little as you sitting down and reading a book or as big as you traveling to a different country to explore the world while finding yourself.

“When you are genuinely happy you start to smile at everything, and not just the simple smile. I’m talking about the smile that lights up an entire room, the smile that is instantly contagious and can change a person’s mood.”

When you’re genuinely happy you can find humor in the good and bad. When you are genuinely happy you have such a confidence about you that radiates from the mountain tops. You start to live for yourself and you stop worrying about what other people may think or say about you. You are so focused on your goals and life plans that negativity can’t break you.

You find joy in the small stuff like taking walks, reading a good book, watching old movies, being with friends, or just being around the cute boy you like. You are so wrapped up in your happiness that even you’re bad days seem good because you’re mindset stays positive and ready to look on the bright side of every day .You have set goals for yourself, and you are working towards you’re dreams. You have become the light of your own life, and the reason you push every day.

“No one has to make you happy, because you took back the power of your own happiness.”

To other people you may be a small ant in this big world, but to your friends and family you are the shining star and the ray of sunshine.

Even when life is crazy and you feel like the world is crashing down, look for hope in the small things, because in life; hope is the best thing you can have.