This Is What Growth Really Means


Growth means learning how to separate love from your actual needs as a person. It means letting people go when they can’t be the person you need them to be, even if you’ve developed some feelings for them. It’s understanding that love is not all you need and if people can’t meet you halfway, you move on and find some that actually do. It’s you not wasting your energy on some friendships or relationships that don’t actually serve you. Growth also means not having any resentment toward them because you understand that we can’t always have what we want but God always gives us what we need. It’s embracing the concept of what’s meant to be will be.

Growth means standing up for yourself and communicating your standards. It’s you not having the need to tiptoe around others because of the fear they might leave you. Instead, it’s you speaking up and being clear about what you want and accepting that if people can’t fulfill your needs, you’re not going to waste your time because you believe that there will be ones who can and will actually meet them.

Growth means accepting what is. It’s you no longer forcing things in your life. It’s learning when to stop fighting for someone or something that is clearly not meant for you. It’s not breaking your back and trying too hard to keep certain individuals in your life that don’t want to be there. It’s accepting that things don’t always go the way you want them.

Growth means minding your own business. It’s you finally coming to your senses that you can’t always put other people first because you too have certain issues that you need to work on. It’s working towards bettering yourself. It’s you staying the hell out of things that cause you to self-destruct. It’s you learning how to save yourself and confronting what’s been holding you back from total healing.

Growth means focusing on your own hustle. It’s you working to get where you want to be. It’s achieving goals and building something that you can call your own. It’s not you competing with others, instead it’s you supporting other people on their own journey and celebrating their wins as well.

Growth means being stormed and coming out stronger. It’s not resenting life but appreciating it. It’s experiencing pain but believing it’ll pass. It’s hoping for the light even if you’re still stuck in the dark.