This Is The Power In Refusing To Let Fear Win


Dear Fear,

How are you? How is your company of torture and doubt going these days? Still lurking around your vulnerable victims? I know you must be wondering, how come she can speak to me, how come she is facing me.

For so long we(I speak for all your victims) have allowed you run roughshod over our life, we permitted your entry into our life and entertained your excesses. I am not calling you a ‘demon'(oh no!), I must admit that you helped keep us alert of danger, betrayal e.t.c. but in the process of keeping us alert you made us paranoid and afraid of the known and unknown. But today we stand up to say NO MORE:

No more paranoia.

No more fleeing.

No more withdrawal.

No more cowardice.


Today we refuse to give you(fear) the upper hand in our lives, today we refuse to entertain your excesses, today we choose to live our lives with the control in our hands. 

So many of us cohabit with our fears so much that we have stopped living, we all have fears but never let your fear overrule you, I have got to realize fear isn’t plain evil but when it is allowed to rule over our life then it becomes evil. Stand up to the dictator(fear), face it and liberate yourself. You can’t really live unless you take control away from fear, today collect control from your fears, take back your life, take chances, hope more, believe in yourself and your decisions and LIVE fearlessly.

So hey fear, you lost because we have decided to make that bold move, to live life in the moment and enjoy it, to fight for what we believe in, to go after our passions, to travel, to love without any restrictions. We say: