This Is The Kind Of Woman Who Will Love You Beyond Reason


A classic, she is one.

It’s impossible for her to catch your sight for she is honestly not the girl you’ll ever like at first glance, it won’t even be easy for her to initiate small talks. She thinks that she doesn’t have those perfect features, people say that she’s rather ordinary, clumsy and quirky. Deep inside she knew that she’s more than that, she is more than the awkward girl you acknowledge.

She is a book with an odd cover but once you turn her pages from one to another, you will be bewitched by her bizarre fonts and her sentences, her sentences may not unapologetically sweep you off your feet but they will be your steady ground.

Once you take a chance on her, she will come to you, like a drastic storm, letter per letter, slow and sure, strong and penetrating.

She will paint you with blissful colors and you will know by the love she offers, from the darkest to the lightest, that life is not always pastel and bright, but her hues will encourage you to carry on.

You will not be able to contain how much you’d want to get to know her, her mind and her beliefs.

You will be intoxicated by her kind of “beautiful”, you will forget that you ever wanted the skin-deep beauty you see on magazines, picture-perfect, flawless and gorgeous in many ways, for she is composed of her own thoughts, dreams and wonders.

She will seduce you with her comfortable silence, whenever you are with her, and when you talk to her without using voices, it would be like standing near the beach, for she is the unending story you’ll read by the sea.

You’ll swim through her deepest thoughts and she will take away your fears along with your inhibitions, the only thing you’ll ever be terrified of, is her being away from you; for her presence will serve as your home and her absence will be your torment.

She will not take your breath away, she will fearlessly give you letters, letters that will serve as your oxygen. You will want her, not as a random desire but a necessity, you will crave every imperfect part of her. You will not have second thoughts of your love for her, for she will be the only thing, that one thing you are sure with, ever in your whole life. You will not just fall madly in love with her; you will adore her love for words, her genuine and deep-felt words, spoken from her lips to yours. You will be captivated by her actions, her efforts and her simple ways to make you happy and secured every waking day. You will be shackled in her parenthesis; like hands, they will grasp yours, forever safe and sound, while her arms, her arms will embrace every flawed parts of you.

You will hold her firmly like she’s the only thing worth holding on to, and she will also be willing to carry the weight of you, along with your sadness, madness and insecurities. All her commas will play as kisses, rooted to her most beloved parts of you. Her ellipses will serve as seeds planted to your skin and soul, she will help them grow, oh, she’ll show them how much appreciation they deserve.

Together, the two of you will breath like cursive letters, your conversations will be like the wind, dancing together, you and her, without an end.

She will swear to always be the capital letter of your mornings and period to your nights. She will draw beautiful syllables on you and in all your days, she’ll endlessly write novels about your kind of love. By the time you cross paths with her, you will know her kind of love.

She is not the kind of love that burns, she is the love that gives light to your life.

She’s not the luminance that will blind you, for she is the sunlight you’d want to touch your eyes in the morning. She’s not the love that you fall hard for, she is the love you grow into. She’s not the love that brings you to the darkest parts of water, she is the love that teaches you how to swim in her oceans, and her waves will take you to places you can never travel by foot. She is the love that will let you soar high, the love that keeps you close but still provides freedom.

She is the love that clings to your skin, the love that hugs youwhen it’s freezing. The love that wakes you like coffee as well as the tea that helps you sleep tight.

For all of her life, you will be her masterpiece, you will be her greatest heart-felt poetry.

She will use all her figurative ways to support you and build you up all over again. She is the love you work hard for, the love you wait long for.

She is the love that lasts, the love that creates all of hers and yours, a timeless and beautiful story.