This Is The Kind Of Love That Hurts And Heals


I toss and turn, and 
I miss you until I get dizzy, 
I keep feeling your absence like waves,
crashing in my chest against my ribcage,
there is a feeling I just can’t shake,
That the distance between us
is eroding me slowly as days pass me by,
but it feels like years,
since I felt your breath on my neck
when I held you inside my arms,
the safest and warmest place in the world,

I toss and turn as the silence grows louder
especially at night,
when I don’t see you lying next to me,
looking at me with stars in your eyes, 
I keep hearing your farewell words over and over again,
hoping one day I’ll forget how it felt to watch you walk away
with your own heart in pieces
and so was mine,
and so is mine even now,
These wounds feel like they’ll never heal,
What’s worse is I don’t want to heal
unless you’re the one that heals me, 
The more you love someone,
the more they hurt you,
and for a while you like it, 
But when they leave you alone,
the pain grows on its own,
without them to kiss it away in the silence of lonely afternoons.

Time moves fast when you’re in love,
and stops when you’re in pain, 
When you’re in love and in pain,
how does it work then? 
I try to keep track
but I get lost in thoughts of you.
Time doesn’t exist for me when you aren’t with me.