This Is How You Truly Pick Yourself Up After A Man Tries To Destroy You


Look at him. Look at the man that came like a hurricane in your life – phenomenal and heavy, made your skies grey, your days gloomy.

That man made your tears pour hard, your sobs loud like a thunder.

You’re asking yourself now, why are you living in a dark place, and he doesn’t?

Because every single day you let him own you, he was the first peek of the rays to end your dawn – your sunshine.

That man once was a cold wind when your weather was humid, he was a rain that fell to end your drought. He was beautiful, he was everything you thought you’ll ever need.

And now, he’s no longer by your side, he’s making himself beautiful in someone else’s life.

Honey, don’t let another second pass without putting yourself up.

Show him that you can do great and make rainbows and cloudless skies on your own.