This Is How You Need To Love Him Now That He’s No Longer Mine


​​To you, whose name I don’t even know.

To you, who’s lucky enough to have him.

You don’t know me, nor does he, but still I will write you this letter just because I want to ask you a favor.

Please love him. That one person who is my soul, my world, my universe and my love. That one person who doesn’t know my heart yet managed to take it all. I ask you, please do because you have him instead of me. Love him more than I ever could. Treasure him dearly and don’t ever make him cry.

Be patient. There will be a lot of times he may not have time for you but please do know that he loves you and that he thinks of you all the time. When the two of you are together he may whine and complain a lot like a kid having tantrums and if this happens, don’t be mad at him and don’t lose your cool cause it is just one way of him for you to focus on him. How I wish I can be the one to witness those warm moments, but I can’t so please hold those memories close to your heart.

He may look tough and strong outside but he’s a child inside so please treat him well because he deserves someone who does. Please let him lay his troubles on your shoulder and rest his worries with you. Tell him that you love him often and make sure you show it too. He’s been busy carrying others’ burden that sometimes he completely forgets that he does have his own ​as well. Remind him a lot that it’s okay not to be okay sometimes and that he shouldn’t just keep everything in.

On cold days, hold his hand and warm them with yours. Make him hot soups to eat—I’m sure he’ll appreciate and like it a lot. On hot days, make sure he’s hydrated and that he’s drinking a lot of fluids. He’s been taking care of himself and the others for so long that I think he deserves someone who can take care of him too.

He can’t go on a day without having his daily dose of caffeine so always be ready with one. He loves coffee but I know he’ll love it more when it’s from you.

He loves chips, so I hope you’ll always put that in the list. But also make sure that he’s eating well enough aside from this.

He loves his parents, A LOT. So take time to know the two reasons why he is on this earth and thank them always for giving birth to a such an amazing man. Tell them that they did a great job on raising him because he grew up to someone he should be.

As much as he always want to be with you, don’t forget to give him time to go out with his friends and to trust him a little bit more because I know he’ll never waste the time on breaking it. You are as precious as he is to you so I know he’ll never ever think of hurting you.

And if he does, trust him still because he never meant to do so.

Make sure he knows he is well loved. That he is not alone. That there are a lot of people wishing for him to be happy. Remind him to not mind all the criticisms that others throw at him. That he should just continue shining no matter how people try to stain and steal it away from him. Tell him that he is the best thing that has ever happened to you and that you are forever grateful for a man like him.

Write songs for him even though you don’t have talent for it because he’ll love it. I’ll tell you that he surely will do. Pay attention to the sweet and heartwarming things he does for other people and to you because deep inside him , he also wants someone to do those things for him. Unfortunately, that person is not me so I wish you can be that person. The one he can rely on when he can’t take it any longer. That person whom he can show his truest self that he dares not to show to anyone but you. That person who can bring out the most in him. The one that is strong enough to pull him up whenever he feel helpless. Please be that kind of person for him.

Love him for who he is, what he is and what he’ll be because I know he does the same for you. He may not look like it but he’s a sensitive one, so I hope you’ll be careful with your words and only say things you mean because he believes in you a lot.

Don’t ever let him say that he is not good enough because in the eyes of many, he’s perfectly sewn along with his flaws. Though I love him, it is you that he has right now and only you can do these things for him. Though it pains my heart sometimes to think that he’s thinking of you each and every moment, I can only love him from afar.

I hope you know how lucky you are. I hope you do know that you are his world now and who knows, until the end of time. So please take care of the only man who has ever been the brightest sun in my sky full of dark clouds. Please love the only man that has ever taken over my heart even though he doesn’t know about it. Give him your all because he’ll return it in double.

Please don’t hurt him. If in time you’ll realize that you’re no longer happy with him, please tell him honestly. As much as I don’t want him to be hurt, I also don’t want him to believe in lies just to keep him happy.

Please be happy, the two of you together. Don’t let others break the love that the both of you have built up.

I hope you don’t mind that someone like me is still loving him from afar. Just here, silently wishing him all the best and with all these favors I asked of you, I’ll make a promise to you.

When the time comes that you can no longer give him the love that he deserves, I promise you, I will do my very best to break this wall that fate had put between us. Because I do not know what else I would give up just to see his smile up close and let him feel the love I have for him.