This Is How You Love A Girl With Low Self-Esteem


If you love a girl with low self-esteem, know that he smiles shyly in front of other people. She looks away when you stare at her. At times, she is not proud of herself.

You have to accept her flaws. She doesn’t like the way she looks. She wants to be everything for you, everything you want. She feels like she is not enough. Love her at her best and worst. She’s fully aware that she’s not perfect. Show her that she is.

If you love a girl with low self-esteem, dream with her. She doesn’t believe in herself so she needs someone else to believe in her. Be that person. Be her cheerleader. Support her in the things she wants to do. Give her the time and attention she needs from you. Knowing that someone will be there even when she fails, makes her braver. She finds confidence in you by her side.

Love her soul, not her body. She wants you to see the things beyond her skin— her personality and attitude. She has worked on herself so much, she has fought to become the person she is, and she doesn’t want that to be overlooked. You need to love her corny jokes and the fact that she cries over sad movies. Show her that you see the beauty in the hidden parts of her, in who she is when you two are alone together. She doesn’t want to focus on looks. She wants to dig deeper.

If you love a girl with low self-esteem, please, listen to her. Strive to understand where she is coming from. Don’t get upset when she’s spending too much time in front of the mirror. Don’t call her crazy if she gets jealous when you look at someone she thinks is better than her. Having low self-esteem is not a mood, it’s a deep-rooted perception that came from her painful past. Try your best to comprehend where she is coming from. Don’t tell her to get over it, don’t try to fill that insecurity with compliments, because that is not what she needs. She just needs someone to be by her side, to accept her while she works through her demons.

If you love a girl with low self-esteem, do not try to fix her.

Just love her. Just stay.