This Is How You Find ‘The One’


Every single day my boyfriend comes home, we hug hello and talk about our days. Every single night, we giggle about silly stuff while brushing our teeth and say goodnight with a kiss. Years ago, this would sound so corny and unattainable to me — until I found it and held on for dear life.

I have no doubt he is not only right for me, but that he’s my one and only. So as a person who loves love and wants to see everyone find this with their person, I have some advice: Follow your damn heart.

I will be the first person to tell you that I would be lost without plans and expectations most of the time. I have a hard time functioning without some sense of what is going to happen. But I will tell ya, I owe my relationship to my ability to follow my heart those two and a half years ago.

This is not to say you won’t get burned once or twice. Following your heart is risky and might land you in some heartbreak – but you learn from that. When things don’t work out, you find out what you want and what you need. It’s worth a little trial and error to land your forever person.

Maybe you would give different advice. Perhaps you think that following your heart is silly and naive. Maybe, you think instead, you should make a calculated decision and set expectations and not accept anything outside of the made up idea in your head.

Can you sense my sarcasm? Yeah. That stuff doesn’t really work.

Finding the “right” person isn’t so much looking for something as it is waiting and trusting. I promise, your heart will find it much quicker than your brain will.

Seriously: No planning, no games. Following your heart means letting go of all of those things and allowing people to come and go on their own.

I really believe we all have one we are meant to be with. There are so many expectations and pressures out there to be part of an Instagramable, loving power couple. Guess what? That doesn’t happen from rushing it and settling for what you get.

We all deserve the passion, comfort, and happiness true love brings. You will get there, I promise. Follow you heart and allow it to hurt sometimes. Allow it to grow and find what it needs. One day, you will thank yourself for not intervening with your heart and its mission to find your person.