This Is How You Feel When You Finally Meet Your Forever Person


There are people you meet who doesn’t love you as much as I do.

There are people you meet who never seems to make you feel secure.

There are people you meet who you know in my heart are just not meant to be.

They say in each failed romance, you start to lose faith in looking for right one, you start to drown yourself in the ambition of your bachelor pad, knowing that you it is unlikely to meet someone that would make your soul quiver and feel the same way too; do they even exist?

Romance novels become fictional fairytales, sweet and cruel to the one’s who are always searching.

You start to doubt that happy couples are just actors putting on a smile, they are probably the one’s who settled for one another. You start to doubt whether you can even fall in love again.

I guess I was wrong after all.

The night I met her, I had no expectations, the kind of love that just comes in without warning yet it feels so right. When it feels just like all the heartbreaks and fleeting faces were just to prepare yourselves for one another.

I still can’t believe how damn lucky I am to have met her, someone so profoundly different, yet so much in common.

Someone I didn’t expect who easily surpasses every expectations.

Someone who I can spend the whole day with, just staring into her eyes, when the only comfortable proximity is being close to her.

They say when you love someone —

You can’t help smiling just thinking about her —

You would do things you normally wouldn’t do, just for her —

You want to be the most dependable person that she has ever met —

You want to be able to give her everything she needs —

You want to just hug her close and never let go —

You never want to see her sad, seeing her cry will be the worst thing you feel —

You will drop everything at a heartbeat just to be by her side when she needs you —

You will subconsciously visualize your future together even just by looking at furniture —

You are certain that you can spend your entire lifetime with her, to weather all storms and embark on adventures together.

And when someone loves you back, you are certain that she would do the same for you because loving someone who loves you back is just the best feeling in the world.

I love you.