This Is How YOU Change The World, Even Amidst All The Darkness


It’s strange isn’t it…that the majority of us feel so helpless in the face of the what feels like overwhelming poisoning darkness.

The irony, or maybe the sadness, depending on how you look at it, is whether this post will really matter? Will that hashtag matter? Matter in the way the provokes change? Or will you forgot tomorrow? Will we forget tomorrow as the next tragedy or hysteria passes by time and time again?

Rosa Parks

Malcolm X

Martin Luther King Jr.

Muhammad Ali

They all have one thing in common: they stood up in the face of resounding fear and chaos.

But they didn’t fight fear with more fear. They led millions through light instead of darkness. As strange as it may sound, the path of least resistance would be to allow the hate and evil consume you. But then you become what you despise so much. You become the darkness.

The chaos that surrounds us causes many to feel powerless.

“This problem is too big for me to solve.”

Many feel paralyzed not realising each and every one of us has the potential of a great power to drive out that suffocating darkness.

If you fall to the limiting belief that,

I’m only one person what can I do?

Then you’ve lost. Then we’ve lost.

Maybe we should rephrase it…

“I’m only one person WHAT CAN’T I DO?!”

You empower yourself and vicariously those who surround you by the light that shines within you. It’s contagious.

That light and energy you release is influenced by your actions. Which, of course is influenced by your words and beliefs. Choose them carefully. Because we either donate power to our world or remove it based on which ones we choose.

I don’t have the answers. Only my answers. My truths. And this is one of them:

Anything worth doing, is worth doing because you’ve changed someone. If we didn’t make a change happen. What did we really do?

100 people could read this, or 100,000 — but it doesn’t matter if it hasn’t provoked positive change. It doesn’t matter unless it has moved someone forward. Just one person. That’s all you need to move this world a little further forward than you left it. If we can just let one person find their light, then we gon’ be alright.

So why aren’t you trying to do the same?

In the video bellow I called out those within my culture and country (Australia) on not appearing to truly care about the tragedies that are happening across this world. While I’m very disappointed and saddened that few seem to care and empathize on a human to human level across our cultures. There is a very important caveat I need to add that I wish I mentioned.

I have come to realise that empathy may not be the primary factor in what I pointed out within our culture. The social conditioning Australian’s have come to live under is different in many way’s to the US and other countries. For those who don’t live here can realise — from my perspective, we are not bombarded with this type of news day in and day out. Social issues like these are not pushed or really talked about here. The Australian media doesn’t have much incentive to run this narrative. Conversely in America, we are seeing the media go all out to stimulate an overwhelming emotional response within the culture.

The Australian media may not be broadcasting these polarizing narratives which may lead to violent extremes but I decided to take the responsibility to speak to the unaware and silent.