This Is How You Can Overcome Your Fear Of Failure


Moments arise in life when we want to move in a certain direction, to create a new, improved version of ourselves. We feel in our hearts the desire to be better, we see in our minds a new vision of ourselves where we successfully develop new qualities, enhance old ones, or release the ones that no longer serve us. We know that the appropriate changes will bring us closer to the happiest, freest, most loving version of ourselves possible. Yet, there are times when change does not come easily. Even though we may hold a vision of evolving into our better self, many of us encounter difficulties because of our fear of trying and failing.

It is important to note that every human being comes with a unique set of experiences and understandings that gives them their individuality, and with that in mind, there could be a number of issues standing in the way of our progress. To close the distance of where we are and where we want to be, one must build a bridge to get there, but the task of building that bridge may feel so monumental that we either hesitate greatly to begin construction or we give it a small amount of our effort and build only a small fraction of the bridge, so that neither we nor anyone else can say that we have failed. Fear and doubt arise to limit our idea of what is possible and what we are capable of accomplishing.

Now, how do we overcome the fear of trying? There are two practical ways to move forward. One is that it is to our benefit to deeply understand that there is no such thing as failure. Every time we try, we are learning and moving in the direction of our goal. The attempts we make allow the mind and body the space to become accustomed to this new way of being. Like any physical activity that requires muscle memory before one can excel at it, the mind also requires repetitive and consecutive attempts in which we train it to learn and become accustomed to the new qualities that we are developing.

The second is to break the final goal down to a set of daily and weekly goals that are not difficult to accomplish – this is important: it has to be something doable, a game that we will certainly win. This will help build momentum, while also showing us that what we want is not impossible. Breaking giant goals into smaller ones that build of off each other’s success moves us closer and closer to making our dream a reality. Breaking big goals into smaller pieces helps the process of change become real and doable.

To do a great leap into a drastic change is possible, but typically change comes through continuous effort over time. If fear ever arises to stop you, combat it by playing smart, change the game into something you know you can win, and move forward from there. Always remember, there is no such thing as failure. Much love all. May we all overcome our fear of trying and failing.