This Is How We Love Every Day Of The Week



Now, this, this will be my favorite day of the week. Knowing I’m starting it with you. I don’t, and won’t, mind the stress of starting a whole week of stress as long as I am starting it with you, by my side, us together. You will be my favorite part of the week, always.

I’ll pull you up when you’re still feeling sleepy, force you to go in the shower or else we will be late. I will prepare your suit and tie while you are still in the shower, prep your breakfast after.

After work, I’ll beat you home, so I can cook dinner for both of us. We can talk about how our days went. You will do the dishes – that’s the least you can do, so stop complaining.


Three more days ‘til Friday… but it’s alright, we’ll have Taco Tuesday! Or Popeye’s chicken special?


Hump day! And I think it would be best to call it hamper day instead; it will be our day for our laundries. We can maximize the use of water and soap by doing laundry at least once a week, I think.


We are so done with the trend #HappyThursday, it only causes us to call-in sick every Friday – that’s a no-no, honey.

From then, we will call our Thursdays our “ramp night,” it will be us trying on clothes, mix-n-matching everything we can find in our wardrobe, the best outfit is what we are going to wear on Fridays. So we’ll be ready for our Friday night-out.


Finally, last day of work day. We agreed to use one car every Fridays, so you can pick me up, or vice versa. We usually meet our friends on Fridays, unlike before, we used to meet them on Thursdays, but we usually can’t work on Fridays anymore when that was the arrangement.

Well, anyways, it would be my second favorite day of the week. Because I think of it as our weekly road trip – it is the little things, love.

We usually decide to go home an hour after midnight – we have a long way to go, honey. I will probably the designated driver so I can’t drink anymore after 11pm, or else we will end up in jail. You will fall asleep in the car, and I’ll help you walk your way back at home.


You probably have hangover from last night. I will let you sleep as long as you want. When you started feeling better, we will head our way to the cinema, watch some Marvel movie, or a movie based on Nicholas Sparks’ novel, or some actions, love, or whatever that is good according to Rotten Tomatoes.

We will talk how great our day went, how great the movie was, and catch up how our week went – some that we forgot to mention on the same day(s) as it happened. We’ll fall asleep talking to each other with our casual clothes still on.


I will be up earlier than you, prepare you some pancakes, or omelettes, maybe some chicken and waffles at times. If you’re still asleep when I finish prepping your meal, I’ll probably wake you up with breakfast in bed.

After breakfast, we can savor the moment and stay in bed for a while. Take a nap for an hour or two. We can do binge watching for the rest of the day. I just want us, you and me together, in our pjs on Sundays, cuddling, exchanging I love you’s, we can have take-outs for dinner, or pizza? Yeah, pizza it is.

We will fall asleep on the couch, you will try to carry me to the bed but you will give up and wake me up instead. And we’ll drift away together in dreamland.

We will have our fights over petty things, don’t worry; we’ll fight over which movie we’re going to watch, what toppings of pizza we’re going to eat, whose car we’re going to drive on Fridays, and everything else. But we will get through them, we will not let anything destroy us, we will choose to keep each other. We will choose to take care of each other’s hearts.

And most of all, we are doing these things because it is the little things that make the biggest details in our life together, in this relationship. We make it work, we give and take, we swallow pride, and we choose to fight for it. Because we can’t have any other hand to hold inside the movie house on a Saturday night than the one we already have.