This Is How Strong Our Love Actually Is


I don’t know your name. I don’t know who you are, where you are and when we will meet. I don’t even know why I’m writing this letter, or why you should read it. But I know you’re out there. And I hope by the time we meet; my heart will be ready to risk it all. But I’m not yet ready. Not just yet. Sure, I will be. But I hope that won’t be anytime soon. Because it will take time for me to love myself. Before I love and be with you.

I’ve been through relationships that sucked the life out of me because I gave it all. I grew tired of pouring all of myself into something that wasn’t sure, that only considered me as the substitute of the other. So, I won’t give everything to you. I hope you understand that. But that doesn’t mean I won’t give my best shot.

With that, I have doubted the fact that I would ever find love again. It seemed that the world I lived in heavily relied on easy things, things that are as convenient as swiping right, just one shoot and you’d have them at the palm of your hands. But you will prove me wrong. And I’d gladly wait for that day.

You may have loved another girl more than you love me now. And that’s okay. I wish would’ve been there to save you, to take all the pain away. But I wasn’t. And I hope that experience will shape how you will view things. I hope it taught you lessons you needed for you to be ready when we find our way to each other.

When you come, I promise to give you the love you deserve, the love you should get. I will show unwavering support for you and for everything you will do. I’ll be down for every clearing you want to witness and every wave you want to ride. I will be thankful. I will thank God, thank every God there is, or ever will be because your existence will mean a lot more than my love for everything else I value.

We are probably different people, and I hope it’s not a huge deal. We’d be together respecting what the other likes, and not forcing the other to like the same thing. You’ll be a fan of gore or action and I will be the chick-flick or Korean drama kind of girl. We’d have nights in together just watching How I Met Your Mother.

Although there are times we won’t get along. We will be different. We will have ugly fights and not talk because we misunderstood each other. But there’s going to be one person that’s going to be the center of our relationship: God. We will put everything in His hands, and we will work our way into understanding each other more. Because His love is going to be bigger than the arguments we have. And with that, we’re bound to go places.

I look forward to seeing you, laughing with you, spending hours just getting over a funny joke with you. I wish to see you soon. As soon as we’re both ready. As soon as fate permits. The waiting game will be long and enduring, but everything will be worth it. You will be worth it.