This Is How Society Defines Love


Our society does not know what love is.

Society tells us love is 2 a.m. text messages telling someone how lonely you are. Society thinks love is one night stands and pointless hookups. Society defines love as something that selfishness satisfies your own desires.

Relationships these days are centered around physical connections rather than emotional ones.

Society thinks that love is disposable.

Love has become text messages and phone calls. Love has become Instagram posts, Snapchats, and staring at a screen.

Love in this century is crawling back to a person who has hurt, manipulated, and lied to you. Telling yourself and others around you that this is what love looks like and it will get better in time. People have convinced themselves that brokenness and devastation is what “tough love” looks like. Love and heartbreak have become interchangeable words.

What happened to writing each other love letters? Or holding hands walking down the street with someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with? What happened to getting to know someone before climbing into their bed on the first date?

Our society teaches us that you should have pride in the number of people that you have slept with. Society says that dressing a certain way will make someone desire you. Society tells us to love in our own way but does not allow us to define what love is.

People have become scared to fall in love. Did you know that almost half of marriages end in divorce? Our society has taught us that it is okay to walk away, even if you vow you never will.

Stop allowing society to define love. Start writing love letters again and having long conversations in coffee shops. Begin to realize that you do not need to immediately become intimate with someone to make them fall in love with you. Love can make you feel whole and it can make you feel empty; maybe that is why love is so overwhelmingly beautiful.

Love is beautiful. Love is special. Love is the best thing that will ever happen to you. Do not allow love to be defined by this broken society anymore.