This Is How I Want To Spend My Life With You


I hope we’d trust each other. Like how I trust you’ll always tell me the truth, and that you will never have to lie to me just to make me feel better. Like how I would entrust you my heart, that you won’t break or hurt it. Like how I trust you to hold my hand in times when letting go becomes an option. Like how I trust we’ll be committed to be always loyal to each other. I hope we’d trust each other like we are the only people on Earth, as if nobody else will listen, and as though no one else will understand. I hope we’d trust each other, like our lives depend on each other’s vow.

I hope we’d always look at each other with the same conviction. Like how we chose each other over a crowd of 7.2 billion, like how your heart beats only for me, and mine for you. I hope we’d look at each other without pointing out every deficiency, but rather touch every flaw with care and gentleness. I hope we’d stare at each other the way nobody can fathom, as if we are each other’s universe. I hope we’d always look at each other with the same determination . . . as if nothing can change the type of admiration we devote to each other.

I hope we’d hold each other’s hands – when times are tough, and when it’s too hard to keep holding on. I hope we don’t even think about giving up when trials arise. I hope we hold each other’s hands because we can’t go on without each other, and I hope we hold each other hands with the intention of wanting to stay no matter how severe the situations we may face.

I hope we don’t compare – ourselves from everyone else, our love to anyone else’s, and our experiences to others. We are unique, and our journey is different. I hope you won’t compare me, to the person from your past.  I hope we don’t compare; our achievements and our goals. I hope we live by the standards we set for our lives, standards that will appreciate, rather than to degrade and destroy.

I hope we both work hard, to work for our relationship. To care for each other and to fulfill each other’s promises. I hope we both work hard to make things work for us. And in the end, I hope everything works out fine, because we are both working hard to make this team effective for both of us. I hope we both work hard, so others may not find a chance to break us apart.

I hope we don’t cheat, even if it’s inevitable, even if it’s given as a choice. I hope we both live by our dignity. I hope we don’t give each other the reason to look for something else. I hope we could let our love grow, by improving and nourishing it every step of the way. I hope we don’t cheat, because cheating will be the end of everything we worked hard for. Cheating will be the end of whatever we tried building together; cheating will be the end of whatever we’re hoping for. I hope we don’t cheat, because it will ruin all of our plans and goals, and most importantly – cheating will stain the love we both treasure.

I hope we both endure, and that we both grow – through the rise and fall, and through the plague and storm. I hope we both endure together, through each other’s love and encouragement. I hope we both endure till the end, so we can reap what we’re working hard for. I hope we both become the reason for each other to want to become a better person. I hope we’d become each other’s warmth when it gets too cold; refuge when there is no hope, and shelter when there seems to be no home. I hope we become each other’s strength, so we can both endure and strive till the end.

I hope we both accept each other, even after seeing all the scars and flaws. Even after all the pain and strife. I’m hoping that at the end of every day, when we both slide under our sheets and collapse in bed, we’d wrap each other’s arms and whisper “Dear, I won’t ever let US go.”