This Is How I Expect You To Love Me


1. I don’t expect you to give me all of your time and attention but I expect you to be present when I need you most.

I fully understand that you’re busy with your own life and you have things to take care of, and I don’t mind at all. Go on, build your empire, deal with those deadlines, work on your dreams, I’ll be pleased to know that your time is spent on things that matters more. But I want you to remember that I do need you as well; you’re not just a prop, you’re my lover. You have to give me the time I deserve and the moments we can share that cannot be replaced by any other things.

2. I don’t expect you to tell me everything, but I expect you to be true and honest with whatever happens.

Trust is a must; it is one of the most important parts of relationships. I don’t have to go through your phone and check it or ask you about things that are insignificant; if you have something to say, I’ll be all ears and if you have done anything, I promise to be as open-minded as I can. I don’t want to do things that might put our bond at risk; I’m hoping the same from you.

3. I don’t expect you to restrict me from doing what I want, dressing how I want, and living the way I want but I expect you to support and guide me.

You don’t always have to tell me how everything should be done, tell me what clothes should I put on or how to handle my life—I can, and will deal with my mine and you with yours. We are individuals with freedom and will, but we are also a team that helps each other in all cases. Be my number one fan I and promise to be your cheerleader. We won’t go and drag each other down; we should pull each other up, instead.

4. I don’t expect you to follow my beliefs and principles in life, but I expect you to respect them.

You may have different views from the way I see things; if that’s the case, I want you to consider that I’m not forcing you to take what I think is true and real. If your side is unlike my side, then I respect it the way I respect you and your being. You don’t have to change your beliefs just so you can fit into the liking of other people, just be you and be firm to what you stand for.

5. I don’t expect you to get too close or attached with my family or friends, but I do expect you to build a good relationship with them.

The people who are closest to my heart play a big role in forming the person I am. Letting you in means letting them to know you, examine you, and mingle with you. You have to engage with these people in ways that can make good relationship. Nevertheless, know that I won’t push you to like some of them if you really don’t want to, but at least have the nerve to show that you hold them in high regard.

6. I don’t expect you to treat me like royalty, but I do expect you to put your best foot forward in effort to keep me.

Expensive gifts, extravagant surprises, a dinner date at this fancy restaurant, and other stuff that are way too much. Those things will just fade away and be forgotten in time. Priceless gifts for me are the times we’re together, laughing and having no cares in the world, the little things we do that makes our union a lot stronger, the sweetest love letters, you listening to my stories and bad days at work, the cute unexpected presents, the lunch surprise at your or my work, and a lot more—those are the keys and aces to win me every time.

7. I don’t expect you to be nice at all times, but I do expect you to talk it through and fix things that bother you.

If we have to argue, let’s do it for the sake of solving the problem and not just thinking of who will win or lose. Of course, it won’t always be bright and sunny with you; there will be dim and gloomy days ahead. We can’t avoid hurting each other, but let that hurt be a reminder that what we have is real, true and something worth fighting for.

8. I don’t expect you to stay away from colleagues of the opposite sex, but I do expect you to know your limits and boundaries.

Who am I to demand that you don’t talk to other people outside of those we both know? I don’t have any sort of control in the way you deal with people and I don’t mind if you have plenty of friends of the opposite sex. As long as I know that your loyalty to me will not be jeopardized, that’s enough for me.

9. I don’t expect you to know where we’re going from the start, but I expect you to be in it for real.

If you want to stay, stay until the end. If you want to leave, leave and don’t ever come back. I don’t have time for temporary feelings, temporary moments and temporary people. It’s just a matter of staying or leaving, no in between.

10. I don’t expect you to be good all the time, but I expect you to show me the real you.

Show me what’s inside, the concealed darkness, the past that affects your present, what ticks and keeps you going, every flaws and imperfections there is and all the things that cannot be seen by my bare eyes. I don’t want the deceptions and disguises, I want the whole and real you, nothing more and nothing less.