This Is How An Intelligent Girl Will Leave You


You await the smashing of glass, the grand departure of the girl whose heart you have broken.

However, you will come to see that she won’t break things the way that you broke her. She won’t leave in anger, with plates thrown, words that splinter and frustration that is overwhelming.

She won’t leave packing bags of belongings haphazardly, tearing things that mattered and destroying those that you loved.

She won’t leave when her skin is pink with rage and her voice is sore from screaming.

She won’t leave with spite still lingering in the air, with thoughts and questions hanging above you both.

She won’t leave when there is heat and hate and anguish ablaze, where passion that lit between the both of you now burns down everything in sight.

She won’t leave with falsities and lies, saying you meant nothing to her and that you were the biggest regret of her life.

When she finally leaves, when she really leaves, it will be with the quiet that comes with knowing.

With the heaviness of a goodbye said to each corner of the house, each memory and moment, that will disappear as softly as a whisper.

When all the misunderstanding and frustration in her lungs has been expelled with each painful puff.

When all her thoughts and arguments and explanations are tired, when she’s apathetic and disenchanted and finally lost for words.

When all the reasons in her mind have been swirling around and around, dizzying her days until they have finally settled, still and assured.

When the tears she weeps are no longer for the moment but for the moments past, for the walls she’ll no longer walk through, the street she’ll no longer drive by, and the breath shell no longer feel against her in the night.

In this silent way, when no glass is broken, no words are left, and all is intact except a single thread to you, anymore, this is how she will leave you.