This Is For The Lonely, Sad, Broken Girls


We are the lonely ones
The quiet dreamers
The ones who prefer to eat at seaside breakfasts for one
The ones who enjoy the quiet nights.
Who prefer the entire side of bed
Who sit and write stories and poetry created from the storms from in our mind
This is our blessing and our curse.

We are the silent ones
The ones who hide in our bedrooms in the day
And search for isolated rooftops at night
We are the ones who sneak to crowded beaches at 2am, just to listen to the sound of the soft
Waves making love to the shoreline
And the tiptoes of the foaming waters in the middle of dark sand.

We are the lonely ones
The ones too scared to show our hearts
For fear that others will discover all of our broken
Display it to the world
And taunt us for being who we are
The lonely
The quiet
The ones who merely find company in their own thoughts
Who dance with their demons on Saturday nights
With watery eyes
And smeared lipstick.

We are the broken ones
The ones who have mastered the art of painting smiles onto our faces
But if you look closely all there is is hurt
And I’m sorrys buried at the bottom of each scar in our spirit
We are used to apologizing for who we are
We are the cracks in the sidewalk that people walk over
We are the single swing in a park that everyone has forgotten
We are a rusty bike of a child who had outgrown it years ago
We are the dusty cardboard box of memories stored in their garage
That they just can’t seem to get rid of
We are the forgotten ones
Whose I love yous were buried underneath the bedsheets he shares with his new lover.

We are the sad ones
The ones who take one night of love
And mistake their lust for honesty
And are left with wrinkled white sheets in a city we do not know
But see I am in love with my lonely
I indulge in this solitude
Swallow the silences I wait until 2am to hear
I hunger for the pitch black that eats away
at even the strongest soul.

I am trapped in this darkness
And I cannot seem
To escape.