This Is Adulthood


it’s a curious thing

we wait and wait
for that moment
of feeling like we finally made it
being content
being satisfied
being fulfilled

that moment when
we realize we aren’t kids anymore

we play the waiting game with life
expecting to wake up one day
magically having all the answers
to questions we’ve been asking

believing that if we can get that promotion
if we can find someone to share our lives with
if we can make an outsized amount of money
that we will magically be happy
that this was the fuel we were waiting for life to give to us
thinking, “this is it. this is being an adult. Now my life can begin”

little do we know
we don’t have to play the waiting game with life
because it’s not waiting for us
we are in it and it started long ago. This is it.

and we already have all the sparks in our bodies
to ignite the fire we are desperately searching for.