This Guy Got Banned From Tinder After Sending Racist Messages To A Woman Who Ghosted Him


Ah, Tinder, the dating app full of potentially wonderful partners or a cesspool full of mostly terrible people? That probably depends on the day. I don’t know what this girl did to deserve meeting one of the worst people who has ever populated the app, but she definitely had a rude awakening when her pleasant conversation took a wrong turn.

Meet Nick.

Cute enough, I guess. Comes with a dog, so honestly, you could find much worse. Or so you would think.

Their conversation started off well enough as they chatted about films and considered grabbing a drink together.

But once the girl started showing some discomfort and stopped replying, Nick took it as a sign to start being absolutely terrible.

Welp. Not only did he call her a racial slur and a c*nt, he emoji-flipped her off and insulted her looks.

And this isn’t even the first time Nick has done this! Another girl shared screenshots of her conversation with him, and they’re just as terrible.

And just in case you didn’t think he was the ABSOLUTE WORST:

I’m not the only person who’s utterly pissed off by the conversations. (I better not be!) One of the girls’ friend posted the conversation to Facebook along with his own warning about the guy. What he found was that his friend wasn’t the only one who’d had issues with Nick.

But happy endings do exist in real life, guys. Because the vile human being who is Nick Vedovi has been banned from Tinder — forever.

Let’s all have a moment of silence for Nick’s love life, which will hopefully forevermore be nonexistent.