This Doll Is Allegedly So Haunted, It Will Give You Chest Pains And Nightmares Just By Looking At It (Even On The Internet)


Meet Peggy.

Peggy was given to a paranormal investigator named Jayne Harris after its original owner became suspicious of her ongoing sickness around the doll.

Harris posted photos of Peggy on her Facebook page, Haunted Dolls, and she received comments and messages from people around the world claiming to have suffered some sort of sickness after viewing photos of Peggy.

Psychics claim that Peggy is possessed by the spirit of a Jewish Holocaust victim. They claim that the spirit is restless and had been persecuted in its former life.

Some viewers claimed that the spirit wasn’t Christian and so the cross should be taken off her neck.

In a later video, we see that the necklace was removed, but an odd phenomenon can be witnessed here around the 0:08 mark.

You can watch Harris conduct an EVP session with Peggy here:

Did you feel anything watching the videos?