This Dad Called Out His Daughter’s School For Sexism In A Hilariously Perfect Letter


Australian dad Stephen Callaghan isn’t about to take anyone’s shit when it comes to his daughter Ruby. When he found out her school was splitting up boys and girls to do different activities, he immediately sent them a letter asking them what the fuck was going on.

According to the letter, Ruby was sent to the school library with the other girls in her class to get their hair and makeup done while the boys went on a field trip to the local hardware store. Apparently Stephen didn’t like the idea of this, and he wasn’t about to stay silent.

In case you’re having a hard time reading the tweet, his letter read:

Dear Principal,

I must draw your attention to a serious incident which occurred yesterday at your school where my daughter Ruby is a Year 6 student.

When Ruby left for school yesterday it was 2017 but when she returned home in the afternoon she was from 1968.

I know this to be the case as Ruby informed me that the “girls” in Year 6 would be attending the school library to get their hair and make-up done on Monday afternoon while the “boys” are going to Bunnings.

Are you able to search the school buildings for a rip in the space-time continuum? Perhaps there is a faulty Flux Capacitor hidden away in the girls toilet block?

I look forward to this being rectified and my daughter and the other girls at the school being returned to this millennium where school activities are not divided sharply along gender lines.

Yours respectfully

Stephen Callaghan

Okay, you have to admit, this is a pretty badass letter. I wish I would have thought to write it.

It’s pretty ridiculous that schools are still teaching rigid gender roles when they could instead let students choose which activity they’d like to participate in. Sure, as a kid, I would have loved having my hair and make-up done, but that doesn’t mean every girl would have preferred that, nor would every guy be particularly interested in a hardware store.

Come on, guys, it’s almost 2018. Let’s stop teaching our kids they have to fill certain roles and just let them do what makes them happy.