This Couple Had A ‘Minions’-Themed Wedding And It Might Be The Cutest Thing You’ve Ever Seen


Nailing a wedding theme can be a tough nut to crack. Rustic? Super romantic? Ice castle? Seaside? Sam Finan and Bob Thomas, however, were looking to go outside the box, and they positively OWNED it with a Minions theme:

The theme managed to penetrate almost every aspect of the wedding.


The wedding’s title was “One In A Minion”


“All the guests think we are bonkers but it’s our sense of humour,” Ms Finan, the bride, told BBC News.

But despite thinking they were a little loopy, some of the guests got involved in the theme by decorating their vehicles!

Source: Imgur

Some of the more jaded social media users among us were not amused:

But hey, looks like a good time to me!