This 2018, I Hope You’ll Be Man Enough To Keep Your Promises


Action speaks louder than words, they say. But will you blame me if I hold on too much to your words?

Your words are full of promises. Full of hopes. Full of dreams. So full of “us.”

You promised to always make time for me.

I know you’re busy, but so am I. You know that even a minute of ‘us’ talking will immediately brighten up my mood. An hour of just ‘you and me’ will make me so happy. A day when the two of us can be with each other can erase all the negativities around me. Why can’t we have that?

You promised to make me your priority.

I did not ask for this. You’re the one who initiated and promised to always consider me as your first priority. I was praying to be just part of your life, not your priority but you had promised me more than what I asked for. And right now, I just want to know when are you planning to do that because I haven’t felt that yet even once.

You promised to be there for me when I need you.

I need you right now can you feel that? But you are not here, and you won’t be here. I always have to tell myself that because I don’t want to be disappointed in my hopes and own delusions. Why do you have to promise me that and hurt me like this?

Now that I took my chance to believe in your words, it hurts like my heart is being broken into pieces.

It’s like knowing you have someone but you can’t be with that person.

That’s how painful it is. That’s how dangerous holding on to your words is. You’ll never know who to blame: those who keep on promising you the universe but can’t or your own self for blindly and hopelessly holding on to their promises. It hurts too much, right?

I don’t want to get hurt again through your words. So I am praying that this 2018, you’ll be brave enough to man up.

I hope you’ll be man enough to do as you say. I hope you’ll be man enough keep your promises.

I will hope for it. But in any case you don’t have plans or intentions to fulfill your commitments, tell me. And after that, I hope you won’t bother me anymore because I’m finally done putting all my cards on the table while there you are, just watching me take risks and all.

I hope you’ll be man enough to let me go and be happy in my life because your promises are bound to be broken ever since the beginning.

I hope you’ll be man enough to free me and allow me to go meet another person who can finally keep their promises, unlike you.

This 2018, let’s both be man enough to let go because we don’t deserve each other.

Let’s both be man enough to make each other happy.