They Won’t Break Us, We’ll Survive


I’m a wildfire these days.

Everything ignites me and nothing’s much of an extinguisher.

I wonder if you could smell the love in my ashes. Even when all is dead my emotions are still alive.

My bones are burning craving to break down the mediocre. Some things are meant to die for others to reborn.

Old habits, toxic friends, aimless jobs, broken dreams. None are meant to live.

That’s how you transcend, through burning what you already have, through losing all your possessions, all the possessions that are anchoring you, and being left with nothing but what matters.

And when you have nothing, you are open to everything.

Don’t limit yourself to the realistic, you can be anything that ever crosses your mind, it’s just a matter of how much you actually want it. The physical body is not a restriction when in comes to the matter of the heart.

Souls inhabit bodies in order to interact with the materialistic world. Souls are not trapped or defined by bodies. Bodies are just a representation of souls just like the cross sign is a representation of the process of adding and words are a representation of thoughts. But beyond the materialistic things we see is an abstract world we ought to feel, to connect to.

You are an entire world, complex beyond the explainable science. You have no formulas and no theories. You do not abide by the universe’s rules. You are what science has failed to explain. The human psych. And what’s out of control is always targeted to control, that’s why they made social norms. That’s why they created labels to shame whoever doesn’t fit. That’s how they try to keep you in their chains. Everything in this world is about control, and it’s all about the revolution these days.

Don’t let them tame you. You’re born to run after what your heart aches for.

Go taste the bitter disappointment after failing for the first time. Go through the dark tunnels because they’re the ones with the brightest exists. Sweat to July’s heat to appreciate autumn’s breeze. Go through all emotions of life. Go through life.

I’m a Heliophyte these days.

I go where the sun goes. I follow its shadow all through the globe assured it’s leading me right.

I’m chasing the energy that will keep me going because I refuse to be just another member of a robotized army aimlessly following the greater commander. I’m not going to kneel when told to kneel and I’m not going to accept passing my days for the sake of wasting time.

I’m going to evolve at every opportunity. I’m going to observe, to grow, to learn, to explore my abilities even on the days when I don’t feel like moving. I’m going to be more than what they demand me to be.

I know you’re falling apart now and you feel like you’re not enough and you believe you’re a waste of oxygen on this planet and you feel like no one needs you and no one would want to have anything in common with you, but believe me you’re more than that. You are an exploding universe waiting to be explored. You are galaxies and they are the black holes trying to crush you down. But you’ll survive.

Trust me on one thing in this life. They won’t break us down. We’ll survive.