They Don’t Know You Like You Do


They don’t know you, they never did and honestly, I don’t think they’ll ever know you. They don’t know the hell you’ve been through, they don’t know how many times depression choked you, they don’t know how restless your entire being was all those months you were so skinny your clavicles could hold water, they don’t know and they have no right to make derogatory comments about who you were before or who you are now.

It is said only you who wears the shoes knows where it hurts, only you know how to search for the remedy because it is your pain, not theirs. Every bad decision you made, every wrong move you made and every irrational action you took was solely on you and they will never be able to understand what you have become or why you’ve changed so much, only you understand how deep you were in that lonely abyss, only you know how many times you had to fake a smile because it was too damn complicated to explain half of what you were going through, only you felt the pang of the abuse on your skin, only you built high walls to shut the world out but waited to see who cared enough to climb your walls to save you from your wild depressing thoughts, only you went through so many sleepless nights because even sleep couldn’t calm your restless soul, only you know how difficult it was even with the support, only you took the decision to fight the demons that haunted you daily, only you took the bold step to discover your truth and live it, only you decided to live and not just exist.

You are a rare gem, you’ve been bruised, abused, shattered, and broken. You’ve gone through hard times and you’ve survived them not because of luck but because you made the conscious decision to survive and rise from the ashes, you fought through it all because you wanted to, you learned to love and appreciate yourself because you realized what a gem you are, you learned to love and live life because of the impact it made on you and the impact you will make on it.

I know how much you want to tell your story, I know how much you wish they would understand you and not judge your new personality or your new look but honey it is your story, it is your life and only you know how much you had to go through to become this amazing version of yourself, so it is not on you if they don’t know or understand you or your story and you don’t have to make them love the new you, because they don’t know, only you do.